Drupal for Evil

This group serves as the foil for Drupal for Good: a forum for all evil, diabolical, total misuses of Drupal. Think big people. World domination big.

As we march forward in our world domination, feel free to use this forum as a place to post your evil tricks and hacks. Deriding alternative web technologies is welcome and encouraged. We will rule them all. Post evil code snippets, laugh at evil websites, and generally take pleasure in all that is Drupal for Evil.


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deleted spam

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GLADCamp Rebrands as VLADCamp; Focuses on "Drupal for Evil"

VLADCamp 2014

A new look for the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp has been unveiled. “VLADCamp” is the new name of the conference, co-organized by Greater Los Angeles Drupal organizing team member Christefano Reyes, who announced the name as it epitomizes the goals for the organization moving forward.

“GLADCamp was originally envisioned as being the Drupal community's marquee event of the year that heavily focuses on the needs of non-profits, education and civic engagement. After trying 'Drupal for Good' this year, we decided that 'Drupal for Evil' would be more fun,” he explained.

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Evil client = Evil code

So it has been a year almost and this client will NOT PAY ME!

SO, he changed the FTP accounts and now is ignoring my calls and probably making money off the site, BUT he left the USER1 acct unchanged...

Any ideas???

ps- Keep in mind he can always ask the hosting company for a copy of the previous day mysql, but I think they only back up for up to 5 days.

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How can I explain SQL injection without technical jargon?

An interesting question on the Security Stack Exchange, with a clever answer. Give it a look and be more prepared the next time your boss asks you why your code just cost the company two million dollars.

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ignore this post

ignore this post

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Use git as a database backend for Drupal

First of all, it is possible to use git as a nosql database (althought it is pretty cracked crazy).
See https://speakerdeck.com/u/bkeepers/p/git-the-nosql-database

At the end of the presentation, it is suggested it is a good fit for... CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. Like Drupal :)

What's funny, it solves an actual issue of configuration in database, without the dummy step of "exporting to features". Meh.

Let's do it.

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DrupalGamesComp2011 Open for Entries!

As planned, #DrupalGamesComp2011 is now open for entries! You don't need to have completed a game yet, this is mainly just for intent to submit. Just create a user account and submit your entry now!

Note that entries will remain private until August 23, 2011, when judging will begin. You'll be able to view and edit your entries (or delete them) any time before then.

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We finally got our own module

A penetration testing module for Aegir:


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Announcing OSGameCon 2011

Announcing The First Annual Drupal Open Source Game Contest!

The BOF today was great! We made a couple of minor changes to the base rules. Also, nosro has volunteered to make a simplified version of the rules, so we can plug that in (and click through to the longer "fine print" explanations for more clarification).

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Drupal: The Card Game

I don't even know what to say. My friend sent this to me.

Players start by playing cards representing modules and then build up their own contributions to those modules with points on colored cards representing each player. These are referred to as "patch cards," since developers fix a module by patching its code.

Players must contribute enough patch cards to make a module available to any player to eventually build a website. They can also "own" that module by being its biggest contributor.

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Anyone got more info on yesterday's Views security update?

(http://drupal.org/node/999380 for reference)

The way that I read the description of this update, it only applies to user-generated content - allowing a malicious, logged-in user to post a URL that, if followed by an admin user (though it's not clear what permission exactly defines "admin" in this case), would provide the malicious user with super-user access.

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Non-drupal support for drush_make

From http://drupal.org/node/969076

The evil think is that drush_make can already be used to do this:

core = 6.x
api = 2

projects[drupal][download][type] = "get"
projects[drupal][download][url] = "http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz"

Evil laugh

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Enable a module before drush updatedb runs.. via that module

in mymodule.drush.inc

* Implementation of drush_hook_pre_updatedb().
function drush_mymodule_pre_updatedb() {
  if (!
module_exists('mymodule')) {
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Drupal Guilds & Open Guilds

FYI, I've just submitted a group for Drupal Guilds & Open Guilds, which is a concept that I've been brewing for about a year now (based on discussions and other ideas that have taken a decade or more to gel). I've finally begun writing down some of my ideas for this this summer, and have decided it's time to open the concept for further discussion and debate. Without further ado, here is the elevator pitch for this grassroots organization:

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Panel: Picking up Projects Mid-Stream - Do's and Don'ts

Format: 1 hour panel

Concept: What happens when you take over a Drupal project mid-stream from another developer, designer, team, etc? What should one look out for, and what should one do to ensure it doesn't turn into a Boschian (or otherwise) nightmare? How should one deal with the proposal/contract?

Topics will include:

  • Creating a workflow/what to look out for & generating a solid proposal
  • What to fix first (if it ain't b0rk, don't fix it)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • How not to burn a bridge
  • Best practices & tips
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Implementating hooks in node bodies

enable and configure php module

Create a node, set to php format.

Reset the module implements cache

Implement a hook for a module in node body that the module doesn't implement and that hasn't been invoked yet.


('nodeapi'FALSE, TRUE);
php_nodeapi(&$node, $op) {
   if (
$node->nid == arg(1) && $op == 'alter') {
$node->body = "I change the content via php_nodeapi op = alter defined in the node body. >:O";


I think that just killed a few kitties...

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Bad Judgement Just Got Worse

666 byte patch with a dastardly commit message: http://drupal.org/cvs?commit=374186

The patch is being committed despite the lack of any testing indicating it works, however as Nick Lewis pointed out, there is a known workaround: developers can directly edit the module to make it work.

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Drupal 6 Ultimate edition


I created an April fool's edition of Drupal:

Good luck to find all jokes :)

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Tiny Modal

I recently convinced the rest of my team that big, bulky version control systems are unnecessary, and that the only code repository any team should need is Twitter.com. So here's a module I wrote to prove that any Drupal module worth its snuff can fit into a 140-character post. The module takes any links with the 'm' class and turns them into a kind of modal dialog. (Note that the .module file is the one that's 140 characters, the .info file doesn't count.)

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Sweater Module

It happens to the best of us. Winter comes on. The days get shorter, the temperatures start to drop. We all go home at night, put a log in the fireplace, and warm up in our heavy coats and blankets. But what about the less fortunate among us? What about the ones who can't just put on a coat and call it a day? What about... our Drupal sites?

Sweater module was designed to remedy just this problem. Using state-of-the-art sweater processing technology (and a generous donation from the Sweaters 4 Drupal Foundation), we venture to make sweaters available for all of your site's theme regions.

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