Node.js, MongoDB, Symfony Testers Needed

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I've been working with Marc and Salim with Webenabled and they have offered to provide us a free-of-charge VPS for Node, Mongo and Symfony testing.

We get to help out a great company that has been a sponsor of our past Drupalcamps and they get real-world testing of some new services they are trying to implement.

If anyone would like to join in, contact me. We would like to get at least twenty or so people together to work on it.

(They might even pitch in some free hosting for our efforts!)


Count me in!

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Count me in!


Me too!

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Count me in too Ben!

Ben, Sounds like a worthy

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Sounds like a worthy venture. Count me in!


Would love to get node.js up

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Would love to get node.js up so I can get an Etherpad instance moved to a different server. Sounds awesome.

Me too. Thanks Ben

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Me too. Thanks Ben

Awesome, thanks

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Awesome, thanks everyone.

I've contacted webenabled to let them know each of you were interested, and we will work on getting you accounts as well on the testing server.

I've managed to get node up and running and am working on getting mongo going too.

I may be able to help out some too!

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Ben, can you tell me what we may need to download/install to support this activity? And what type of system requirements should be expected?

@Sue: A lot of the work will

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A lot of the work will be done on a server, so if you have an SSH client, that should be most of what you need.

If you want to work on node.js locally,(it is much easier to learn that way), check out:

Here are the mongo resources:

There aren't any system requirements other than a text-editor and an SSH client for remote work.

Symfony requires PHP, but I'm not that familiar with it so I don't know what specific version you need.

I am interested

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I've been meaning to check out a web based IRC client that uses node.js and mongo on the backend.

@Gil Thanks for sharing this!

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Thanks for sharing this! I was about to start writing something very similar!

I'll tell Salim you want in too?

I also found this a little

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I also found this a little while back:

It looks like it is geared more towards a developer who really knows node and wants to integrate it with Drupal but doesn't know Drupal really well. I'm not sure how well it is maintained. The maintainer did respond fairly promptly to the issue que though.


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