Phone / SMS / VoIP integration with Drupal Commons

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Project Information:
Student : Nitesh kumar
Irc nick : nit3ch
Mentor : Matthew Lechleider
Co-Mentor : Leo Burd

Original proposal : Here

Current Status : Planning, configuration and listing of groups done.

Description :
I would like to build a features that can be easily integrated with any drupal site but I am going to use common as a focus of my project since social network is big adapter of this technology . Drupal commons is an install profile. It's not going to package with VoipDrupal it's going to be an add-on. This can either be as features that can be installed on top of a commons install.Emergency announcement, reachout to memeber via regular phone and sms, conference will be main features.

April 23 - May 20 (community bonding period)
It would include discussing idea with mentor. Setting up development environment. Reading and studying documentation of Voip Drupal and drupal's api.

may 21 - july 9 (interim period)
Will start coding. In this period of time, i would like to implement broadcasting emergency announcment and rechout to members via regular phone and sms.

Mid term evaluation.
At the end of the interim period , we have a fully functioning broadcasting and reachout to members featres.

July 13 - aug 13 (interim period)
In this period of time, i would like to implement phone call polls and conference features. Testing and document my work.

Aug 13 - aug 20 (Pencil down)
In this period of time i will do code clean up and complete documentation.

Final Submission
At the end of final submission we have a complete features to integrate with drupal common websites.

Links :
Drupal sandbox


Please post full schedule and

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Please post full schedule and deliverables here. Thanks.