Interest in integrating WMD editor?

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Hi, all.

I'm seriously thinking of taking a crack at integrating the WMD markdown editor into Drupal, via the WYSIWYG API. (This is the same editor as used on Stack Overflow.)

I've had a bit of a search in this group, but not found any discussion regarding this particular editor. Is there anyone who might have started work on this already? Or is interested in collaborating?

This would be my first serious hacking effort on Drupal, although I am an experienced web software developer and know my way around PHP.

Just thought I'd put a note here to avoid any duplicated effort and to gage interest.





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See feature requests starting with "Add editor:".

However, before starting any work, please also make sure that this editor fulfills requirements for editors.

Daniel F. Kudwien
unleashed mind

Daniel F. Kudwien
unleashed mind


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Hi, Daniel.

I've looked at those feature requests. If I decide to proceed I'll open one for WMD.

I'll check on the requirements, thanks for the tip.


Definitely interested in

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Definitely interested in this one. Stack Overflow has really made WMD editor the superior Markdown editor.

See episode 35 (30 December 2008) of the Stack Overflow podcast has some discussion on the WMD control. Minutes 27-31ish.

I'm interested!

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Are you still doing this? Let me know if you need help. I assume you're looking at the stack overflow branch?

Planning on it

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Yes, I'm still planning on doing this. I've got a few other things I need to get done first tough so it'll be a couple of weeks before I get started, I think. I will be using the this version, which I believe is the one used by stack overflow.

Not looking good

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Had a bit of a look at the WMD code today, and it is not looking too good. In particular it is failing item 3 (and hence item 4) of the editor requirements:

It would need a fair bit of refactoring of the WMD source to enable this. I might chat the the current source maintainer and see what future plans he has.

Not looking good?

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I've been working on an editor plugin for the WYSIWYG module and I haven't had any issues getting 3 resolved, although 4 is more of an issue it seems. It seems when loading the configuration settings, they apply to all instances of the editor loaded on the page. Another issue I've come across is getting HTML generated by the editor back to markdown for "edit" mode. For my needs, 4 isn't really a concern, but I would like to get HTML -> Markdown figured out.

Both the original source

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Why are you trying to convert HTML to Markdown?

Both the original source Markdown and the generated HTML are in the database right?

RE: Not looking good?

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My understanding is that you would save markdown all the way through, and use the markdown input filter to render the content for display as needed. It's a bit ugly in that you are using two different implementations of markdown, one on the client side and one on the server side, which may have small differences, but seems the best solution at the moment.

I'm closely watching the work of William Shields who is working on a parser based markdown processor rather then the current suite of regular expression based processors. He's looking at a Java implementation first, but I believe a javascript version will be second on his list.

You're probably right, the

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You're probably right, the editor will need to be configured to output markdown & be paired with some sort of markdown filter that matches the the WMD editor. In my initial configuration I had the editor converting from markdown to HTML (which is the default behavior) causing HTML to be saved in the DB. Adding a markdown filter paired with the editor might resolve the issue.

Hi - I'm interested in

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Hi - I'm interested in creating a module for WMD-Editor .. if anyone who previously tried to do this would like to pool resources and compare notes, please get in contact.

Fork of markItUp?

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Testing that editor on, I don't really see a difference to markItUp?

Daniel F. Kudwien
unleashed mind

Hi As far as I can tell

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As far as I can tell WMD-editor is not a fork of markItUp. It's a wholly independent project.

The original editor is available at - but a revised and improved version can be found at

I'm going to work on integration .. I can submit a patch if anyone else is interested.

You might find

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You might find jquery-markedit an easier implementation to integrate.

Thanks - that sounds ideal.

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Thanks - that sounds ideal.

Hi lukas, did you make

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Hi lukas, did you make progress on this? I really like editor on StackOverflow and would love to add it to my site...

is there anyone still working

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is there anyone still working on integrate WMT with Drupal? I really like this simple but useful editor


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