Site Review for Good SEO

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Typically when I launch a Drupal site using all of the SEO essentials (nodewords, proper URLs, etc) it shows a PageRank of 3 within a week or so. Perhaps you all could take a look at this site and share some pointers?

I would also like to invite other Drupalers to submit their sites here for review so we can all help each other out and share some tips and tricks :)


What is PageRank

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PageRank is an algorithm employed by google to determine the importance of a page, based on incoming links. <a href=">Wikipedia has a good explanation of the algorithm. That being the case, nodewords, proper URLs, etc. don't have a direct impact on PageRank.

Of note, I checked in some PageRank calculators, and received a score of 0, and not 3. After checking back links in SEOMoz Site Explorer tool (you can use the tool for free, though I checked using a Pro account), I noticed back links from pages with a PageRank of 0 that look like they are of what Google considers "low quality." The latest updates to Google's search results algorithm have been punishing websites with links from low quality websites.

David Minton, Managing Partner, DesignHammer | Durham, NC, USA

Site Review for Good SEO

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Hi, I agree with David, the site has a pagerank of 0. Also the least you could do for you clients, if have your URL open in a new window.

Some things for you to consider:
1. Duplicate Keywords - Most of your pages have the same keywords
2. Long URL's make them specific - have url's suitable to your titles, and your descriptions suitable to both

  1. Most of the links you are driving in are all going to the one page (the links will lose value and you are having links deleted, as they are hitting sites being indexed and getting lost in the billions of other links.

  2. All that are coming in are links - (links with content will have more relevance) or use an author link, or page title link. - They all don't need to say attorney in michigan, lawyer michigan (Google soon work out the area you are in, the reason for adding in the location can be if you are adding in new service areas)

  3. Put on the homepage: Content: Engage Customers - Speed - Content - Links - Time On Page - Traffic "You don't engage a customer, you will not be high on Google for long"

Michigan's leading bankruptcy lawyers(attorney,whatever) Joseph Grima** link his name to about us** has aggressively pursued the rights of debtors for in Michigan and recent cases that have helped define the new Bankruptcy Code.

Practicing Bankruptcy Law Exclusively Since 1991 Joseph Grima & associates constant pursuit to protect debtor rights are regarded within the industry of Eastern District Of Michigan as the leading attorney firm.

Foreclosures type in something about it here and have a link going to that page learn more on foreclusures* link (shoulnd't it just be or
floreclosures-michigan **** then if you do a link on foreclosures have it land on this page

Repossession fasdfasdfasdfasdfa

Wage Garnishment sdfrasdgargasdasdfadfsdfasd

Meet with Joesph Girma personally
* No Hidden Fees
* Etc
* Etc

Page Titles: (home title is long-

Attorney Lawyer Michigan | Foreclosure - Repossession | Joesph Grima

SITE SPEED: A static site with not much content, way to big and way too slow.

The speed of your site - for what is - the site could improve a lot. The following images are resized in HTML or CSS. Serving scaled images could save 286.2KiB (66% reduction). is resized in HTML or CSS from 1,201x519 to 670x290. Serving a scaled image could save 264.7KiB (68% reduction). is resized in HTML or CSS from 486x208 to 350x150. Serving a scaled image could save 21.5KiB (49% reduction).

(Please understand my site currently is being rebuilt, whilst I may understand a little about SEO unless the site is coded and set up properly it is a hard battle. I have double code - it currently looks shit (an absolute disaster!- What you get when you get 'no experts' building something) Then I asked for drupal people to either re do it or fix oh that will take all these hours, or I am not 100% sure that this can be fixed.(I guess I can't code or build sites) "Yet i tell them what I want fixed! "If someone came to me and said I want to get this site to Page 1 these search terms, how long(yes, Google can be a variable) - what am I missing I could tell them and tell them to the minute. Surely code isn't a variable. Ps sorry, that is frustration on Drupal and on the crap people that I (totally to blame) hired to do this project.

What is PageRank

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Hi David,

sorry also meant to mention in last reply 'Site Review for Good SEO' that your site does look awesome.


First Do URL Normalization.

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First Do URL Normalization. Currently Your page open with www and without www. in both version. Check it Use a 301 Redirection

Page rank

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Note that I have heard through the SEO grapevine that the pagerank algorithm system doesn't update sites regularly anymore and that pagerank shouldn't be stressed as much as in the past.

That being said, following some of the advice above should help with the site's SEO.