Tutorials and HowTo's?

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I'm the Project Leader for a startup Drupal development firm and really like to integrate Redmine sice earlier stages to planning our job, do you know where can I find tutorials and howtos?


How are you looking to

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How are you looking to integrate redmine?

We do not have redmine integrated with anything but use it exclusively and extensively to handle all of our ticketing, time, and client management for our drupal customers.

At this time we are looking

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At this time we are looking for something like Best Practices, Tips or other similar that allow us to define and standar process.

Later we are interested on integrate with gitosis for custom version control and posible use drush to make an automatic deployment on the development server. But that's on a long term ToDo

best practices

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I will be giving a presentation on this at CapitalCamp. I don't have my slides fully developed but I will publish them when I do... feel free to check out the session http://capitalcamp.org/content/project-management-tools-and-organization

Dev and Support: prometsource.com

Unfortunately I'm not able to

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Unfortunately I'm not able to travel to Washington for the CapitalCamp, but will be really grateful if I can get a copy of your slides no matter if after CapitalCamp finish.

Hey man, how was the

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Hey man, how was the presentation? Is there any chance that we can get a copy of your slides?

That sounds like a great

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That sounds like a great presentation. Do you know if there are plans to record the presentation? As a developer i use Redmine all day but I'm having trouble trying to convince designers and managers to use it. They say it's not pretty enough, but i say it does the job.


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