Penguin Update any Help + Site Review?

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after the well knowing updates from google my site is gone, and i dont know what it is. Is anyone around who can help me to droop out of the filter? I do all the things that google always says..i mean i´m not a seo, but i´am interested i also do all what i can but without luck. I feel very sick!

is anyone here who can help me and check the site with professional seo tools..i dont have and give me a review what i maybe have to do to come back in the rankings? before the updates my sites ranks well i upp a picture from my analytics acount so thats you can see thats the site was affected by the updates ..its a .png

the whole page I built, and i have no spam used,

its a d6 install
Please give me any hint

the site url is


sorry for my english

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Check your back links

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I looked at your site and your home page has a PageRank of 2. In my observations, sites that are punished by Google often have a PageRank of 0 or NA.

When I referred to Google to see if you had low quality back links (something punished in Penguin), I only see one back link:

Google values back links, so I'm not sure how you can succeed without them.

I also checked using SEOMoz Site Explorer (there is a free version):

There are many back links listed, though nearly all are either no follow, or from pages with a PageRank of 0 or NA.

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