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Can we buy domain names like or for selling Drupal related services? Is there some legality issue with it?


Trademark policy

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The Drupal Trademark policy is here:

As a general rule, if it's for purely non-profit, Drupal-community-improving purposes, you don't need a license for the trademark. If it's a for-profit venture, then you need a trademark license from Dries.

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Thanks a lot Larry for the link.

Thats a detailed description of what I can use and what needs to be done however what I didn't find was how to apply for the "License Grant Procedure". Do I have to write to Dries or is their some form that needs to be filled? Could you help me with this?

Check the sidebar of that

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Check the sidebar of that page - Apply for a license

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Well, my bad. I didn't sight that. Thanks Dave.