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Community discussion on how to assist Drupal site owners towards GDPR compliance?

As probably all you know, deadline of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming (25 May 2018) and most probably it will affect almost all site owners. GDPR is an extremely wide topic: if affects so many fields of a modern website from initial architecture through continuous development even to final maintenance. Especially with such a proudly modular ecosystem as Drupal is, it's almost an impossible mission to provide a one-click-good-to-go or one-size-fits-all solution for them. (Maybe only Drupal core modules can be marked if they are relevant to the GDPR topic or not, but that's not enough.)

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Can people legally copy anything they see by viewing the source in their browser?

Hello. When I customize a theme ( creating my own .css file and doing other stuff ) can people then legally copy that .css file, which they find when they use the view source feature of their browser?

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Can I use Drupal for my commercial Service

I try to make some website for public service that maybe someday going to commercial. example i set a advertisement or impose tariffs on our members or using drupal as webshopping. can i do that without violate the GNU of Drupal?

one more question.. Can I use drupal for my company?

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Legal check - Using Drupal as a front end interface to a commercial product

Respected Sir, Madam
I have a C/C++ based application.

To configure this C/C++ application, start/stop this C/C++ application, I
needed a front end interface.

I have used Drupal, I have written a small module in Drupal to have forms and
all. Using that module I am able to manage front end requirement.

Now I am planning to sell my C/C++ application to some customers.
My questions are

1) Is it legal to use Drupal for front end interface of my c/c++ based
2) Can I distribute Drupal code as part of installation package. I am fine to

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BY-SA and GPLv3 compatibility announcement

I know this is getting cross posted everywhere, but it's big news (for people who follow both code and content licensing) As of today, CC BY-SA 4.0 is now one-way compatible with the GPLv3. This is the result of extensive collaboration and analysis with the Free Software Foundation and the Creative Commons community.

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API + License Key, a legal violation?

I intend to use Drupal and build a SaaS type product, exposing a private API accessible by an API "key" (like oAuth). The paying customer would be subscribing to the service powered by the Drupal platform. The customer would connect their software over a RESTful connection to the Drupal SaaS product and trigger an event. Would this type of product require that I distribute code if a paying customer asked?

I've been told "yes" a few times. If it is the case then I find it odd since modules like oAuth, Mailchimp, Commerce License, and others are doing this in a similar way.

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Can you sell a configuration


I'd like to know of it is legal to sell a very customized industry specific configuration. Would you be allowed to restrict the redistribution of this configuration?

So basically the business model would be to not sell or limit Drupal being redistributed, but instead sell and limit the configuration to customers. Of course customers could further alter their particular configuration themselves or as a paid service but would not be allowed to simply share the configuration for free with other potential customers for free.


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Drupal Licensing

I have a customer who wants to build a SaaS platform that they would like their customers to subscribe to and create and collaborate content, publish, launch email campaigns and track the campaigns. am wondering if we can take Drupal and build modules on top of it and host it as a SaaS service?

I understand the code that we build has to be under the Drupal GPL norms. But does the GPL support this kind of a business model?

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non-GPL license

Is there a possibility to use Drupal on a different license than GPL (maybe there is some kind of paid license for companies that don't want to public the code) ?

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Policy for the Death of a User

As I wind down to my final days of life, I find myself searching the various social media sites for their policies on user death. One of these is, and I have been surprised to learn that there seems to be no such policy that I can find.

I think that the Drupal community is sufficiently mature to tackle this. Although I will most likely be, to the best of my knowledge, the first Drupal developer of note to die, I will most certainly not be the last. And out of a user-base of several hundred thousand, I am probably not the first user to go.

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Copyright holder

Where can I read about the motivations to adopt individual holders instead of drupal become the holder of the modules? I'm interested on this subject.


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How to license drupal modules?

IMHO, it would be a good idea add a question in the faq about how to license a new drupal module. From my point of view, I understand that the the contributors are adding a file called LICENSE.txt with the gplv2. In, suggest license all files to avoid troubles adding a small note. Perhaps, we can use an only file LICENSE.txt in the drupal site and add this note.

This file is part of Drupal.

Drupal is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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GPL Scope

I am working on th development of a website based on Drupal and think that distributing any improvement and new ideas/module to the community is a great principle.
However I am wondering about the content of my website (i.e. pictures, articles, sounds, etc.) which is copyrighted.

I read the FAQ and I am a little bit confused:

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I intend to ask a Vendor to develop, for my account, a website based on Drupal tools and modules.
Vendor will create the code and then transfer it to me in order to be hosted on my Plaforms.
Should we consider this transfer as "a distribution", and therefore will I have to make the source of the website accessible to Drupal Community?
Thanks and best,

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Licensing Working Group Charter - Draft 1

Based on recent discussion and feedback from the community the Drupal Assocation is looking to create a new Licensing Working Group. The LWG would be dedicated to handling issues relating to code licensing.

The proposed charter for the new Working Group is below. We are looking for public feedback on the charter before the charter is presented to the board. If the discussion results in notable changes to the charter I may post a follow-up draft in a new discussion.

The charter below is open for discussion until 1 November.


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Removing files from core on open source hosted github project

Would be grateful for a clarification on how I can use Drupal Core, and other d.o hosted projects, for a site I'm building.

I am going to host this as an open source project on github so anyone either can participate or simply just use it for own needs. However, I also want to remove certain files from core, in particular most of the text-files in the root folder.

Can I do that without violating GPL? Everything will be documented in the project wiki with direct links to where the full official archives are available.

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Licensing a Drupal distro to accomodate multiple component licenses

Over the last several years we have built a fairly sophisticated internal Drupal distro we sell to clients as our secrete sauce. We have had several agencies inquire about us selling or licensing it to them. I am trying to figure out the best / proper way to do this.

I have spent a lot of time researching this on d.o. and other sites. I may be more confused now that when I started ;-).

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Affiliate link in a module / Benefit from integration with a commercial web service


I have developed a module that interfaces with the API of a commercial web service.

Am I allowed to put an affiliate link in my module, that people could follow and hopefully subscribe to the paid service, if they are not clients yet ?

Is there any other way to benefit from a Drupal integration with a commercial web service ?

Thank you,

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Legal Rights Web Aplication

Dear Sirs,
We contact you due to a need to formally consult about the FAQ sección of your web domain (the web domain you own). (Link: FAQ)

Once we have read them and thinking about developing a virtual educational virtual platform (web aplication) composed of severas modules formed by << closed code ( now developed) + free DRUPAL code in GPLv2+ closed code>>, we have the following questions.

First- Use as a service.

Sincera the resulting code will contain free DRUPAL code in GPLv2, we wonder If It is necessary to publish the source code if:

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Drupal Software


I'm sorry for my english, it's not my native language :).

I have a couple of questions regarding the Drupal's license:
- I'm building a website where users pay for it's usage. Do I have to share the code with them?
- In certain circumstances, when there is no internet connection for example, there will be a server installed on a machine in the internal network of a certain office that needs to use the site. Will I need to share the code with them?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

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