If you're paying a development team to build a Knight or similarly funded project, what are you paying them?

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0 - $25 / hour
13% (5 votes)
$25 - $50 / hour
28% (11 votes)
$50 - $75 / hour
28% (11 votes)
$75 - $100 / hour
20% (8 votes)
13% (5 votes)
Total votes: 40


Looking for some guidelines

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This poll revolving around the Knight News Challenge (http://www.newschallenge.org/) provides a good indicator of what developers usually get paid for a funded project - looks like the range of $50-100/hr is the norm (http://twtpoll.com/z0e5kz). Replicated the poll here to see if this is typical for Drupal projects. Also curious how much non-developers (pm, marketing, documentation, etc.) are being compensated and how this might compare to a client job (non-profit or other).

I've been trying to figure out a good compensation structure for a project based learning program that would award stipends (similar to the Google programs) for apprentices and mentors. Any additional thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated.

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