Date in Eight Sprints

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We're hoping to do some sprints around a potential effort to get parts of Date in core at the DrupalCamp New York July 19-23 ( and Midwest Developer Summit, July 26-28 (

The sprints will involve discussions about which parts should go into core and a strategy for getting them there.

Please join us if you can!!


Please see my session from

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Please see my session from the Midwest Developer Summit to see an overview of the issues and my thoughts about Date handling for core.


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a download link or a vimeo upload would be great

No way to do that AFAIK. It

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No way to do that AFAIK. It was a live stream.

Oh dear. You have to install

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Oh dear. You have to install Silverlight to watch this? Even Microsoft has abandoned Silverlight. Come on

Well, Silverlight itself

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Well, Silverlight itself aside, I thought the videos were extremely good. I liked the way it showed both the presenter and the slides. Thumbnails for the slides to easily navigate and skip around if desired.

Well done IMO.

Yeah, sorry about

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Yeah, sorry about Silverlight, I have no control over that. But it seems to work fine.

I do plan to do some screen casts on this topic, just not sure how quickly I'll get to them and this is a pretty good overview for now.