In D6, Print in IE Doesn't Split Regions to New Page

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In creating a new forms manager for our school district, we discovered and have implemented Display Suite in a Drupal 6 environment and are very pleased with what it can do.

The last piece of the puzzle for us now is to get the forms to print correctly.

In Firefox, the forms regions are kept intact on a page and if it a region does not fit, it moves it to the next page. Which is good.

In IE, the regions just spill over their information onto the next page which makes no sense since there are no category headers.

Is there a way in DS to dictate what shows on what page when printed? Been banging my head on this for a day now and am getting a bit frustrated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - even if just pointing me in the right direction.



You could create a specific

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You could create a specific build mode for Print, then link to it, but that wont help you if you just print the page as is.

Either way, Display Suite (indeed any markup rendering process) can't control pagination while printing, which (in combination with a dodgy browser) makes it difficult. You may be able to implement a CSS-based solution in a print-only stylesheet.

You say you are trying to print forms though? If you are referring to the node edit form, DS in 6 does not affect that.