MadDUG meetup -- after work

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I CAN make any of those days.

What time is "after work"? I

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What time is "after work"? I am tentatively marking myself as available for Wednesday.

after work

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I guess I was thinking 6. Would that work for you Ashe? Really need/want to have you there

6:30 would be easier for me

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6:30 would be easier for me :}

I would like to meet.

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Just to go over the logistics of some things we have not talked about yet, for me food, coolers, pick up and deliveries, what needs to be purchased.


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Does 6:30 tonight work for you guys?

Yes; can we do this at

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Yes; can we do this at Brocach?


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On the square or Monroe Street?

The Square will be crowded fwiw

The square would be

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The square would be preferable, but if you think it would be too crowded, what about Barriques on W Wash?


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Let's head to Barriques then.

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