Is Views able to remember filter results?

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i have a website running with real estates ( and there i have a view, where useres can filter the objects for their needs ( when a user starts to filter the objects he gets his results below - that works really fine, but the problem is, if he clicks on one real estate to get the detailinformations, all his searchresults are lost when he wants to get back.
is there a way to save these filter-/searchresults?
activating the remember function in the exposed filters is not a working solution for the results, i tested it



Remember should work for what

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Remember should work for what you describe, what's not working?

when i activate "remember" in

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when i activate "remember" in the exposed filters, it remebers what the users filled into the fields when he goes back from a detailsite to his search results, BUT the list below is the full list ... you have to click once again on the submit button of the exposed filters.
the next thing is, that his settings are still there when he visits the site 1 week later and then he sees only the results. people who look quickly think, oh there are no changes and leave the site and didn´t see, that there are still their searchsettings in the exposed filters ...


This might work

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This might work > Create a Block or add this html/js code in the template to conditionally show up only on the individual listing pages, and only when clicked thru from the results page:

<input type="button" value="Back to Results List" onClick="history.go(-1)">
<input type="button" value="Back to Results List" onClick="history.go('')">

This will create a button which you should display as a nav band on top of each specific result page, which I'm guessing should be a node. When clicked, it will jump back to the results list page.

The thing to do here is chk the URL to determine if and when to display this button, as in only if there exists a results page that the current user has already generated using the search.

Hope that helps.

Hello, I have the same

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I have the same problem,I want to show a "Back to search results" for nodes after using clicking on them under search results.
Could help me how to do this,conditionally etc?
Thanks in advance