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Views filter Discusson (comments) by new comments

Hi, Pulling what's left of hair out...

So creating a view to show just "new" comments in discussion content type.

For interest this is to display "menu badge" icon on a "forum" section that I have created.

I can see that OA has "new" status possibly using the 'flags' module...but can not seem to leverage this a relationship or filter .

Looking for pointers ...tried using PHP filter in view luck so far...
return comment_num_new($data->nid) == 0;

help much appreciated thanks in advance.


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Vista para filtrar usuarios por campo de un tipo de contenido


Por favor si me pueden ayudar con la siguiente duda.

Tengo el siguiente escenario:
He creado un tipo de contenido que son aportes, que solo pueden ser creados por usuarios autenticados, en donde se establece el monto del aporte, quiero mostrar un listado de usuarios (nombre, foto, organizacion) ordenados por el monto aportado.

Lo que intento es crear una vista para mostrar datos del usuario filtrados por el valor del aporte. (este listado es para que se muestre a usuarios anónimos).

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Speciallistning av noder i Views

Goder afton

Jag sitter och försöker få fram en ganska speciell listning av noder via Views (i alla fall verkar det vara en speciell listning då jag inte hittar någon annan information på nätet som liknar detta).

Vad jag har att jobba med är en Drupal7-sajt med de senaste versionen av Views, några tusen noder som har olika publiceringsdatum utspridda över 2013 och tidigare (och senare så småningom).

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Problem med Openlayers och filter

Jag försöker filtrera innehållet i en openlayer map men det fungerar inte.

Det handlar om en node "plant" (Anläggning) där det finns fält för län och kommun, det finns en view som visar både kartan och en lista. I listan fungerar filtreringen men inte på kartan trots att de är uppsatta med samma filtreringsparametrar???

Har letat i bland parametrarna i openlayer men hittar inte någon inställning som skickar sökfrågor och heller inget vettigt på

Länkar till karta & lista.

Förslag någon ?

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Help With Views Filter Logic

I'm trying to filter a view so that a featured image appears only on section pages, but not on article detail pages. Currently, the image appears on both the section page and article detail. When I try to filter for section content type or against article content type, the feature image does not appear on the section page. I can filter for the Sections taxonomy to equal "education", but that means the featured image appears on every page within the "education" section.

What would the right filter logic?

BTW, I'm deep into rebuilding my news site on the latest OP Alpha.

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Consulta de vista con argumentos y filtros

Buenos días,

Estoy trabajando con drupal 6.x y views 6.12.

Tengo una vista en la que tengo dos argumentos del tipo:
nodo: creado YYYY
nodo: creado mm

y tengo varios filtros, pero curiosamente si activo un filtro que corresponde a un campo cck del tipo text-area: como un menú desplegable select se jode la vista y los argumentos no funcionan.

Si ejecuto la query que muestra views en la preview me muestra correctamente los resultados que debería mostrar views.

¿Alguien sabe que ocurre?


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もし、image Fieldが空であれば、そのNode全体を除いて表示するという事です。



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[SOLVED] Does Media create thumbnails that can be exposed in Views, for making a grid of thumbnails with certain tag, linking to original images?

I would like to use Views to display, in a block, real thumbnails of images uploaded using tools based on the Drupal 7 Media Gallery module in a grid of images with a certain tag (using filter in views).

By real thumbnails, I mean either cropped small images of the original or the entire original reduced in size. This kind of thumbnail is efficient at loading. I do not want thumbnails which are simply the browser's on-the-fly scaling down of the original.

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Passing Arguments for a filter to a view (views 3) in code scenario?

Hi Drupal Friends,
I am working on a Views 3 Project and I'm stuck with this issue:

So far:
A Service-Method that reads a view and returns the results:
$products_result = views_get_view_result($viewName);

Now I want to add a filter (default or contextual???) for setting the maximum price (e.g. "maximum price": field_price < max_price)


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Drupal 7 Views Node Translation Filtering

There used to be a node:translation filter in Views in D6, that seems to be gone or missing in D7. Some said it's a bug, yet there are only questions without answer all over the web.

Have you guys encountered such issue (yet)? How did/would you tackle it?

Kelvin Lee
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