IF you would like to attend local ITHACA, NY meetups what meeting time would work best for you?

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Monday evening
0% (0 votes)
Tuesday evening
100% (2 votes)
Wednesday evening
0% (0 votes)
Thursday evening
0% (0 votes)
Friday evening
0% (0 votes)
Saturday afternoon
0% (0 votes)
Sunday afternoon
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2


Poll time frame

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I forgot to limit the time frame on this poll and it looks like I can't edit it. If one of the group organizers can limit this to 1 week that would be great.

Otherwise it would be great if we could get responses before our first meetup so we could factor this into our discussion: Ithaca Drupal Users Group Meetup


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It's already set to one week. . . .

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Also don't forget that the next Batavia meetup is coming up 8/29/2012.