Text format : On default content types, full HTML is not an option

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hello all,

On the content types for "services", "resources", etc. (the ones that are default to the OpenPublic distribution,) the full HTML option is not displayed. Regardless of user privileges. In Custom content types, CKeditor correctly displays the full HTML toolbars and I am able to utilize Full HTML, but logged in as an admin, all I see is "disable rich text" at the bottom of the body text area for BOTH default and custom content types. There is no drop down box to select either Full HTML or Filtered HTML.

The text format settings appear to be in order. The wysiwyg setting are pointing correctly to ckeditor. I even updated ckeditor and I still have the same results.

Can anyone advise how to turn on full HTML in the default content types?

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Text Format default

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just for my experience,

When I installed Drupal 7 default conditions, after that I changed text format as default is full html by weight setting. I think depend on your Drupal environment.



Kazu Hodota

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Text options are disabled in theme

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If you look at your theme settings

you'll find that

edit-basic label {

display: none;

haven't figured out how to enable it yet.

Seems a bit crazy to disable stuff at the theme level though

I hope this helps.