Ithaca Drupal Users Group September Meetup

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2012-09-25 06:00 - 07:30 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Join us for our September Meetup. If you work with Drupal or are interested in learning more about it please come.

Location: Gorges Web Development
105 N. Tioga St. Suite 200 Ithaca NY 14850
On the Commons on the 2nd Floor of the Bank of America Building.


  1. Lighting Talks

    Five minutes talks(with 5 minutes of questions if needed) on anything Drupal related. This could be about a specific Drupal site, a module, theme, distribution, method of tackling a problem, community event, etc. We are trying to get as many people as we can to do lighting talk this time. Please leave your talk suggestion in the comments and I will add it to the list in this post.

  2. 20 Minute presentation: Commerce Kickstart

    If we don't have enough Lighting talks to fill up the meeting I will give a 20 minute presentation on the Commerce Kickstart distrobution.


We are not getting comments

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We are not getting comments on what people are going todo for lighting talks.

So we may or may not have lighting talks. It would be great if we could have these talks. Remember no matter what you are presenting on there will be someone who benefits from it.

Anyways I could still do the bit on Commerce Kickstart.

I also have some other presentations "in the bag" from Drupal Camps. I could present 1 as a backup(or to keep in mind for future meetups). Let me know if you have interest in any of these.

Module Smorgasbord: Entities, Bundles, and Fields

Your First Drupal Module(probably only interesting to programmers)

The Power of Views

Mastering Panels

Drupal Trainer and Developer

Presentation Interest

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I'd be interested in seeing presentations on the Module Smorgasbord and Mastering Panels. I'm finally getting around to looking into Drupal 7 and have started trying to migrate my company's site from D6 to D7. So, anything along those lines would be great, too.

Mike, thanks for the

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thanks for the feedback. I think the Module Smorgasbord presentation would be good b/c it introduces some concepts that even if you have work with Drupal 7 some might not have looked at

Drupal Trainer and Developer

Sounds good. I also heard the

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Sounds good. I also heard the podcast you were on talking about Drush, which made me try to be more conscious of using that and getting to know it more. So, something on Drush would also be welcome. But I'm happy with a Smorgasbord for now.

Ted, Everything you've

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Everything you've suggested sounds interesting. I'm hoping to attend.

Getting Webform Components into Views

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I think I'll present on how to make Webform Components available for Views. It'll be a little more of a show-and-tell than a complete walkthrough due to the time constraints, but I suspect that's something that a few folks could find useful.

Sounds good. I am interested.

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Sounds good. I am interested.

Drupal Trainer and Developer

There apparently working

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There apparently working going on to get Views integration directly in webforms

Drupal Trainer and Developer

I'll be interested to see how

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I'll be interested to see how that shapes up. I'd really like to be able to get information from previous submissions as something other than a Select List too, though that may be too much to ask.