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I am two days into Drupal, and am trying to install a wsiwyg editor.

TinyMCE stays it is no longer the editor. Another one I like used to be free but changed its name and now costs $380 for the license.

I couldn't find any others that were not beyond my ability to install, except Nicedit. I like all its features, and it shows up as installed and as my editor, and I enabled buttons, etc. But when I open up a PAGE or some other way to add content, no editor shows up. Is there a step I am missing?

Any help is very much appreciated - even if it is to suggest another editor.

Thank you,
Peggy Carpenter


Peggy, Did you install the

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Did you install the WYSIWYG module yet (

Once that is installed you can navigate to http://YOUR-WEBSITE/admin/config/content/wysiwyg and read the directions about how to install the editor of your choice.

TinyMCE is my go-to editor and it works quite well with the WYSIWYG module.



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Thanks Andrew, just checked TinyMCE and it looks awesome! When you say it integrates "quite well" .........?

I notice the "libraries" are not listed in alphabetical order, implying a preference by Drupal? openWYSIWYG is number one on the list. Have you experience of any of the other ones listed?

Hello talvi, I have not tried

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Hello talvi,

I have not tried openWYSIWYG. I've used CKEditor and TinyMCE. I prefer TinyMCE but I'll have to try openWYSIWYG and see how it works out.

Thanks for replying - TinyMCE

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Thanks for replying - TinyMCE looks good. I'd really like something that kept it all "in house" but maybe that's technically impossible.


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