Let's get connected and grow the community when we travel

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If you just joined - welcome to this brand new group, take some time to read this thread at the link below (by all means, also join the important marketing group as well if you have something to share)


Let's follow up. :) Jump onboard and leave any comments here!

I'll be back in the thread with some more ideas and replies on Sunday (way too busy right now)..


I just submitted the group

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I just submitted the group for approval, hopefully the moderation will be lifted so that it's visible and I can start inviting people :)


In case you're interested,

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In case you're interested, there is a California Drupal Travelers Program with a list of participating meetups and user groups:


I took the liberty of cross-posting the program's wiki to this group. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. Thanks!

Thanks Christefano!

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Great! I actually bookmarked your page and made a task for this weekend to get in touch with you regarding your experiences from California, since it came up while I was searching for existing groups. Apologies for not referring to your program earlier on.

Awesome that you were able to find us - it would be great if you can invite drupal travelers that you know to this group so that we can get some discussions going. And also please share a bit about what has been working and not working, if you have the chance.

If I got it right, the California Traveler Program concerns mostly about coordinating meetups around travelers, and offering a platform for compensation to those who volunteer. Was that accurate?

I'm hoping this group can ignite some interest for travelers to also connect with individuals in the drupal world. Hopefully we'll be able to make a site where those who are interested in meeting travelers can share how they're able to accommodate and the travelers can also share their expectations. This can be either through private messages or open on a forum/profile page.