Drupal Hospitality Network

Do you like Drupal? Do you travel? We're branching off from this thread http://groups.drupal.org/node/252098#new to discuss drupal and local hospitality.

Our ambition and motivation with this group is to build a website that caters to Drupal travelers in an easy, hassle-free and frictionless way.

The web site should help travellers in the drupal community:
1. make a trip the Drupal way (whatever that means to you)
2. get most out of your trip as a drupal hobbyist or professional
3. nurture the local communities by sharing knowledge with individuals or groups when travelling

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Looking for a spare couch during DrupalCamp Austin 2013

Does anyone have a spare couch during DrupalCamp Austin? I have no problem booking a hotel but I'd like to see if this is an option for a night or two. I'd love to get to know folks in the Austin Drupal community a bit better.

This is my first DrupalCamp Austin and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! I fly in from Los Angeles on Thursday night and will be in town until Monday afternoon.

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Drupal's Hospitality Network as a Couchsurfing.com replacement

With the "digital nomads" breakout session at DrupalCon Portland still on my mind, I came across an intriguing blog post today by Nithin Coca about the so-called "rise and fall" of Couchsurfing.

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My self introduction and offerings/wants details

I've been thinking about how to organize/connect/network with other travelling drupalists and also for myself.

I would imagine individuals introduction along with interests and what they want and what they can offer in terms of traveling, networking, hosting etc.
Here is my description and I feel we could make a website to organize information better to easily search and find each other and self match making. :)


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We're approved! YAY! Would anybody like to be co-organizer of the group?

Hi! I just got word that we're finally approved, so we will be visible on gdo and people can sign up without having to go through our link/url.

I'd like to invite a few more people on board to run the group, so if you want to step up as an organizer, it's really sweet if you can say a few words here below. Cheers!

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Last Saturday Tino's knowledge sharing Drupal meetup report and photos

I didn't make it to last Saturday's Drupal Meetup in Seoul(I live in Beijing) but saw photos taken and shared by Ken on Seoul Korea Drual User facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/kdrupal

Following is how this meetup happened. :) Connecting traveling/visiting Drupalist to local drupal community

I heard it was great! :) So much tips and Korean drupalists were very grateful and impressed again about great DRUPAL COMMUNITY SPIRIT! :).

BIG Thanks to Tino!

Tino's drupal user name is waldbeek
His website http://www.waldbeek.com

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Drupal Hospitality Network and the California Drupal Travelers Program

Congrats on the new group! Would you consider renaming the group back to "Drupal Hospitality" so that it's easier to find?

In California, we have a fledgeling Drupal Travelers Program that's similar to the mission of this group. Here's our wiki page:


I'm happy to combine forces and share our experiences with the larger community. If anyone has any questions, please post them here. Thanks!

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Choose a domain name and register a site


I have been thinking about setting up a dedicated web site for quite some time. Something like couchsurfing, but more Drupal focused.

Some people might ask.. Why don't you just create a group on g.d.o, or how about a forum? Or why don't I just simply refer to the registered user profiles on d.o to find people to connect with?

Although travellers might be able to connect somehow through a threaded group or a forum, there are at least 3 drawbacks by relying on a forum as a vehicle for connecting people:

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How travelling to another country can help a drupalist in a long term

My observation is based on Indian perspective but it may apply to other countries as well.

Numerous drupalists from western countries have development partners in India but rarely do they meetup with their outsourcing partners in India. Even when they travel to India for fun, they may not even meetup/connect with their development partner. The outcome is the outsourcing relationship is short-lived.

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Travel plan(dates) and the clear "wants" and "can offer" description

I had several contacts from fellow drupalers and possibilities.
But it didn't happen(yet) as it seemed too much to do it that time.

example 1.
Drupaler who is specialized in Windows Server IIS and Drupal system performance configuration liked the idea of coming/sharing/traveling to Beijing, China.
But taking flight from europe for meeting one person(me) was too much resource consumption.
So we thought we could organize a seminar for targeting drupalers using Windows Server system.

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Let's get connected and grow the community when we travel

If you just joined - welcome to this brand new group, take some time to read this thread at the link below (by all means, also join the important marketing group as well if you have something to share)


Let's follow up. :) Jump onboard and leave any comments here!

I'll be back in the thread with some more ideas and replies on Sunday (way too busy right now)..

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