Revision moderation in Core!

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Just 4 years, 213 days, 18 hours and 31 minutes after I submitted my feature request, there's finally been a patch committed to Drupal Core (D8) which supports content moderation in the API! Yay!

See Support revisions in different states for all the juicy details. Entities now have an isDefaultRevision() method. If you save a new revision of a node and don't set it to be the default revision, then the content will be saved in the node_revisions table, but the base node table won't be touched. This provides Core support for saving new drafts while leaving an older revision published. THIS IS AWESOME!!! And long overdue.

There's a new issue—Provide a better UX for creating & editing draft revisions—to discuss the UI for this feature. I also created an issue—Support arbitrary workflow states—to continue discussing workflow support in Core. Please get involved in these discussions and let the fun continue!



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Great news j. Thanks for all your efforts to push this along...

Link correction

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BTW, here's the correct link to the Support arbitrary workflow states issue.

Yay! Drupal grows up and becomes an adult CMS

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Does that mean I can finally discontinue Revisioning?
I never thought or wanted to develop CMS functionality for a CMS in the first place....

Ok, stop it right there, you cynical man!


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@videographics, good catch! I fixed the link in my post.

@RdeBoer, Revisioning has saved my butt in the past, so I sure appreciate its existence. I hope it isn't necessary for D8, but only time will tell. Of course, if you want to jump in on the other issues I mentioned, your expertise is welcomed. just think of it this way...the more you code for D8 now, the less you'll have to code for Revisioning later. :-)


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