Travel plan(dates) and the clear "wants" and "can offer" description

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I had several contacts from fellow drupalers and possibilities.
But it didn't happen(yet) as it seemed too much to do it that time.

example 1.
Drupaler who is specialized in Windows Server IIS and Drupal system performance configuration liked the idea of coming/sharing/traveling to Beijing, China.
But taking flight from europe for meeting one person(me) was too much resource consumption.
So we thought we could organize a seminar for targeting drupalers using Windows Server system.
That time I was not getting involved any social activity in Beijing nor drupalers. :) So it didn't happen.

-How can we foster this kind of scenario?

For now, I will start getting involved with the community and settling down and get connections and networks.

Also if he comes to China, he could also go to Korea and Japan easily because it's not far from each other and he can experience different countries and culture with one trip(not really one trip but it's easy).
Also connecting drupal community members in Korea and Japan and welcome/host him...and have seminar/meetup/travel would be really fun and nice. Of course spreading the Drupal.

Microsoft is very strong in China and Korea. I don't know about Japan.
We could ask Microsoft for promotion/advertising/sponsorship etc.
If there is any needs for this kind of event with their clients or small business owners and designers...etc...from their newsletter subscribers...or network etc.

example 2.
I travel very often. And I have travel dates already.
And there are things I can offer even though I am only 6 months old at Drupal. I would love to share what I know to beginner or even people who never used Drupal. I can introduce and train basic things.
Also I would love to learn performance, security, multilingual site building, migration etc etc.
And also I can offer my driver and car and myself to go to some places like great wall but I don't like organize or plan for where to go.
If the guest drupaler researched where he/she wants to go. I can accommodate that.
Also I can offer my extra room upto 5 days.
My APT has swimming pool, badminton court, tennis court.
I can host meetup, happy hour causal meetup or networking.
Maybe when I figure out Beijing I could also host seminar too(not right now).
This is very random things and not structured.
So making a site that we can submit things we can do/offer/want/need very clear and straight forward way would be good.
So we all have clear understanding and boundaries.
Then more details can be discussed among each individual drupalers through the site.

Of course, review or feedback section would be very important like couchsurfing.
I registered myself on couchsurfing but haven't tried the system.
But I would do similar try with fellow drupalers. Especially people we communicated on the groups or forums or issue ques or people I met from DrupalCon Munich in person.

Some structure we can list
-our travel dates and geo locations.
-What we can do, offer, share, give
-What we want to learn, exchange, get
Will be good to start?

Jiyoung will be in
Seoul Korea Sep 8th - 11th
Beijing China Sep 13th - Oct 3rd
(Beijing Happy Hour Meetup Sep 20th 7-9:30PM)
Seoul Korea Oct 5th - 13th
(Drupal Camp Seoul 2012 Oct 6th, DevOn Open Web Conference Oct 12th

Boracay, Philippines Dec 6th - 16th (holiday but I could do intro Drupal or Happy Hour or meetup - if there are already people wanting to hear/learn/meet me. Not I have to find people...this part Drupal community members in the region could post and advertise possible Drupal intro or meetup and gather people already)

For my travel.
I would love to travel some place I never been to(with my husband for holiday) as a holiday destination.
If there is a nice place in India...I would love to go to India and share something that I know...about Korea or China internet situation and web/IT situation...if they want to learn/know. I know several Indian Drupal developers and business owners were curious about what we are China and Korea and we didn't talk as much as we wanted due to schedules.
Also I would like to travel to Pakistan...
Basically anywhere in the world. :)

I like more local things and meeting people...than going to typical tourist attractions unless if it's with locals...

This is random talk and opinions but if we make clear/nice structure for us to utilize and will be nice.

I am willing to build a site even though my knowledge might not be as good as other expert drupallers. If they want to do it, I would be happy. Or we work together...that's great. Or I build something basic first and expert come and make better structure and system...that will be awesome.

This group discussion forum is good place to start conversation and have ideas...but I think we need a website for this. :)
I have windows server that I can host. Willing to buy domain to start this travel and drupal project.
I don't know how we can do this. If it is not right to do it personally or DA should buy domain and host or...???

I'll go back to my work now.

Talk later!!

P.S. Is there any terminology regarding
??? :) Let me know if you want to share what you think is good term to use or it's ok to use any term. :)


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Also if there is no community in certain/small/outskirt regions and main region is not going there...Drupalists from outside(out of the country) can come there to share.

I am sure people in smaller or other cities would love to have a chance to know/learn Drupal.
If someone from that small city has hospitality even better..some extra room or blanket...can host Drupaler...this adventurous drupaler could go there and share his/her knowledge and broaden her/his horizon and meet new people in a different place/world.

To do this. I think main region drupaller(locals) can support by advertising/finding people who want to host/learn in that region.

I will try this myself and see how it goes and we can share experiences and learn from each other. :)

Drupal Hospitality Network module or Distro

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Hi Jiyoung!

Thank you for your sharing of examples. I think these are really useful, and Babu had some reflections as well.
I'm with you on registering a separate site and think we should do that right away. I'll start a new thread on that so that it can get attention :)