Integrating #Drupal with a 3rd party service via JSON

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Title says it all really, along with last minute organising I'm writing a module to integrate with a 3rd party service via JSON. Would love to swap notes with anyone who's done similar!


Use existing modules?

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Have you taken a look at the possibilities of views data source or services. Doesn't look too difficult to pull off a RESTful api integration. I guess it depends on your requirements.

Views Data Source

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Thanks, I'm leaning towards Views Data Source and creating a way to select what I want from the feeds to make nodes from. One can but try... ;)

By #Drupal, do you mean the

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By #Drupal, do you mean the IRC channel?

If so, I'd be interested in hearing more. If not and you're trying to use hash tags on g.d.o… (drama sigh)

Drum roll...

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dramatic sigh


I'm not really a module

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I'm not really a module developer (yet), but have a client who needs something like this done. The 3rd party is Sqoot and their API is fairly straight forward. They prefer CORS integration but support JSONP. I'd be willing to help out in anyway I can, but this is new ground for me. Been working with Drupal since v2, but more in the site development and theming end of it.



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