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I have been thinking about setting up a dedicated web site for quite some time. Something like couchsurfing, but more Drupal focused.

Some people might ask.. Why don't you just create a group on g.d.o, or how about a forum? Or why don't I just simply refer to the registered user profiles on d.o to find people to connect with?

Although travellers might be able to connect somehow through a threaded group or a forum, there are at least 3 drawbacks by relying on a forum as a vehicle for connecting people:

Drawback #1. Forums are streams of content. You need to check regularly or subscribe.
Drawback #2. Scalability. Imagine having 20 people post about their travel plans in a forum. That's manageable. Now imagine 200 or 2000..
Drawback #3. It's hard to get a full overview of a person unless you follow all their forum postings

All these drawbacks are solved by creating a separate web site centred around 3 areas:

  • Centered around people and their interests
  • Centered around travel
  • Centered around connections

The web site should cater

  • Safety mechanisms (you need to trust the person on the other end)
  • Privacy (some people may be okay about posting their entire travel itinerary whereas others may like to share it only with their friends)
  • Overview (easy to find people, see availability, what's happening locally)

So let's say we create a web site, what do we call it? ?

Personally I think it would be best if we get more people into this group, gather creative ideas and have a vote for the best name. I don't want to pick an arbitrary cool name that I happen to like, it should be a community decision :) At the same time, a (domain) name is important so we should also have a good reason behind the name we choose.

Hope to hear your further opinions on this..

Comments ?

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I was thinking about upcoming travel, my past trips, etc, and personally I would call a trip where I connected with local drupal people for a "drupaltrip".

As in.. "Hey Sven, what are you doing next week"
"-Oh, I'm heading to Prague on a Drupaltrip. The annual Drupalcon is there and I am meeting a few local people as well."

The word "Trip" focuses on the trip itself, and does not imply in any way that you're going to stay in somebody's home, spend excessive time with another person that will waste a lot of your time in a generous effort to be hospitable. However placing "Drupal" in front signifies that this is a site that helps you

  1. make a trip the Drupal way (whatever that means to you)
  2. get most out of your trip as a drupal hobbyist or professional
  3. help nurture the local communities by sharing your knowledge with individuals or groups

The word "trip" can also be replaced with a synonym if we're too concerned about any negative associations connected with the word "trip".

I think we need to place Drupal together with a verb that signifies multiple journeys, is short and catchy. Anybody got a thesaurus? :)

What do you think? How would you describe the action of travel in order to meet drupal people? what words would YOU use? is definitely

netbabu's picture is definitely better than from my perspective!

I agree. Drupalsurfing

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I agree. Drupalsurfing implies the concept of couch surfing (or that it only caters to locations with a beach). I'm not sure that's a requirement.

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I am not checking if it's available or not.
Also not sure how native English speaker think of that.

Since it's drupal and travel...
I thought that name. :)


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Somehow I have burden feeling about org name.
Seems it's serious thing...organization.
.com feels lighter and people communicate and feel free to find each other.
Org feels someone or organization is taking big serious part to organize.
Just my personal feeling. :))