Quickstart 3.0 in October 2012

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Recently I've been working more with Drupal, and noticed Quickstart 1.0's post-installation fizzle: "470 days since your last update"!

I've been focused on billable time recently, but with Ubuntu 11.04 support ending 12.10, it's time to update my tools :-)

What's next for QS 3.0?

What I really wanted from QS 1.0, more than anything, was a debugger. A profiler was just icing on the cake.

Now, I really want a sensible dev/test/prod server ecosystem.

Acquai and Pantheon do a great job of this, but for many projects, I don't need all the extra features/cost. And, I'd like the rest of my tools integrated as well.

Since QS 1.0, the new Drupal installer and Drush 5 do many of the things that the Quickstart Drush commands had to do, and provide inter-server communication.

Quickstart 3.0, is about reducing the learning curve by packaging the best of these things together, with some brief howto videos.

Quickstart 2.0 beta - what happened?

Mike Stewart did an amazing job of refreshing QS 1.0 into the QS 2.0 beta, and went in a new direction towards Unity interface. Canonical’s Unity Interface wasn’t designed for me, and using it reduced my enthusiasm.

In the middle of arguing about desktop environments, I realized how destructive the Gnome/Unity/KDE wars are, and also how fundamental forks and alternatives are to the Open Source movement. Mike Stewart’s vision became the project DrupalPro.

Anyways, I'm grateful for Mike Stewart’s contributions, and if you're excited about Unity, DrupalPro is state of the art for a Unity Drupal Development Environment as I write this.

For QS 3.0, it’s important to support several desktops, and include structure for more. Luckily, Linux already does this, so it's "just" integration and configuration. Gnome 3 has made some great progress in the last year, and I've been using Cinnamon (a reimplementation of Gnome 2) that comes with Mint.

Moving Forward

QS 3’s focus is:
- a local dev and test server
- a basic production server config (with remote debugging)
- support at least two desktop environments (Gnome 3 and Cinnamon)
- a better update and release process.

Quickstart 1.0 was a solo endeavor. It took alot of time because I had to learn and do everything myself.

Quickstart 3.0 must be a team effort for success. This time, I'm asking for help! It's time to go to the next level!

Next steps are:
- breaking up the problem,
- reviewing technologies,
- putting together a sensible schedule

We could especially use help with making a simple/sane LAMP server config that can work across dev/stage/prod

If you have time and skills you’d like to contribute, please email me: quickstart@michaelcole.com

Thanks for your interest!


(If you've private messaged me on drupal.org or in the issue queue, I've tried to reach out, but your message may have gotten lost in the pile-o-email. Email quickstart@michaelcole.com and we'll connect.)



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Where is the download link for Quickstart 2 or newer?

Here is Quickstart 3.0


is there a donate button? i'd

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is there a donate button? i'd put some money towards this project. also i can help test it. and i'd help seed a torrent for it

Donation indeed

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He has done an awesome job with 1.0, hasn't he.


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Version 1 is really old, when is the expected date of release for 3.0 version?

cannot find the download link

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cannot find the download link for vs 3.0 either...

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(This comment raised as an issue: http://drupal.org/node/1832032 - I'm willing to help with documentation.)

These pages are a bit confusing.

It's not clear from this page ( the one you are looking at here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/255083 ) nor the project page: https://drupal.org/project/quickstart what stage the project is in:

  • What version is available now and for download? 1.0? 2.0? 3.0? At the beginning of the project page it says "New! Quickstart 3.0 in October 2012" - does this mean: that 3.0 is available (one would assume this is the case, or may be assuming wrong) or does it mean that 3.0 is a work in progress and you want help?
  • QuickStart 1.0 is available as a download on the project page but 2.0 is not
  • How about a comparison chart between the different versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0?
    (that said, I wouldn't want to invest time in setting up 1.0 or 2.0 only to find this is not supported.)

On most other drupal project pages there are very clear links for downloading: 1) the latest stable version and 2) the development version. Unfortunately, this is not the case for quickstart

The github page https://github.com/quickstart/quickstart-drupal/wiki is not clear enough about the state of the project either. But I am guessing now that 3.0 is the development release.

The github page https://github.com/quickstart contains 4 repos. Do we need all 4 for quickstart ? I presume we would need quickstart-configure but if we've already configured our machine then what does quickstart-build provide that quickstart-configure doesn't? And what about quickstart-drupal ? Presumable we would need that - by drush extensions do you just mean drush, or do you mean some extensions that add on to drush? Finally, what is quickstart-website for? From the text beneath it this appears to be optional.

Had a quick look at the video guides, but these are all around a year old and so do not account for the work being in github.

Please advise, clarification and guidance needed.

Update! We'll post an alpha soon!

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Hey Folks,

It's in the works! But it's not ready.

I'm working fulltime to pay the bills, and it's been difficult to find time to put into Quickstart.

Also the switch to using Puppet, while critical to success, has been a big learning curve, and we haven't found anyone with the time to help.

We're looking at putting up an "3.0 alpha1" build this week to download with some progress on the project. I'm guessing December for our next release, but we'll see. It really depends on how much help we get.

Yes, the documentation could use some help!

We've got a new website in the works we want to launch 3.0 with as well.

If you're interested in seeing the project happen sooner, check out our help wanted page!



3.0 Beta discouraging

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Just tested the 3.0 beta and it looks discouraging at least for me.
There are 4 issues that made me give up on it right away.
1) Not being able to use the screen real estate; I have 1600X900 but can only use some lower resolution.
2) Not having a terminal link right there on the desktop
3) Not having a link to the websites folder right there at hand
4) Networking does not work out of the box

I would love to test beta3.0

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I would love to test beta3.0 and fully understand it isn't ready for release. However, I lost my glasses and ran out of coffee so am having a bit difficulty finding the download. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Downloads: http://www.drupalq

Unknown site!

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I get 404 error!