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Linux Sysadmin | Ixis

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Ixis are recruiting another Linux systems administrator as we continue to expand in 2013.

Your main responsibilities will include managing existing clients, migrating new clients to our platforms or setting up / supporting systems using their existing infrastructure. 

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Splitting a single server Aegir server with multiple octopus instances into 2 or more servers and/or using a dedicated DB server

I was hoping to get some people input on the following plans I have for my Aegir install.

I have one server which is the master Aegir server with currently 4 octopus instances installed. Our main site sits on one of these and we have now decided it would be nice if there was a dedicated database server.

Is it possible and if so does anyone have any links to instructions to split/move the octopus instances to other servers. Or more importantly for me to setup a server which is just a database server.

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Drupal Speed Expert | T2 Media

Employment type: 

We have a large (~40K pages) Drupal site that is just plain slower than it should be. It seems OK on the YSlow front (not great, but not horrible) and my suspicion is that it is poorly configured on the Drupal side in terms of speed.

I am looking for a consultant to come in, take a look and make some recommendations on what can be done to improve the performance of the site. Based on the recommendations, we will either implement ourselves or have you do it.

If you are interested, please reply with your background and an explanation of your expertise in this area.


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Quickstart 3.0 in October 2012

Recently I've been working more with Drupal, and noticed Quickstart 1.0's post-installation fizzle: "470 days since your last update"!

I've been focused on billable time recently, but with Ubuntu 11.04 support ending 12.10, it's time to update my tools :-)

What's next for QS 3.0?

What I really wanted from QS 1.0, more than anything, was a debugger. A profiler was just icing on the cake.

Now, I really want a sensible dev/test/prod server ecosystem.

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Nginx serving whole drupal directory - security risk?


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Server colocation in surrounding area

Hey all, I have been investigating the cost of collocating a server in the area or within a reasonable driving distance. I'm curious if anyone has any idea of where to look. I haven't done extensive calling/looking.

What I Am Looking For

1U to start maybe 3U later
10Mb/s or higher interconnect (preferably uncapped) I plan on doing 500Gb/month or more in transfer.

I have currently looked

Springfield underground

Their plans seems very "cheap" or rather odd with capped internet.

$50 per 1U
$40 for 2 amps? (im not sure)

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IT Network LAPP DRUPAL | Accelerated Design Inc

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Assist in the maintenance of production sites, development environments, establishment of servers, move development to production, Nagios, Redmine, Drush, Subversion, Git, DNS, Domain Registry, Email.

You may make your application at the site on the form to the right of the posting. Please include your cover letter and references with your resume.


Not sure why people do not read Telecommute: Not allowed.

If you are not in the Atlanta area for a long period of time please do not apply. This point is not negotiable at this time.

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Drupal/LAMP Developer | ArtistWorks, Inc.

Employment type: 
Full time

ArtistWorks, Inc., the world leader and pioneer in online video-exchange based websites, has an immediate opening on our development team for a full-time Drupal and custom code developer, with advancement opportunities for the right applicant. ArtistWorks is building a massive network of high-function, feature rich instructional websites in partnership with many of the greatest musicians in the world, ranging from Hip Hop to classical piano for children. The vast majority of our work is done in custom code written on top of the Drupal platform.

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linux server / dev environments, opensuse and others

I started writing an OpenSUSE tutorial for drupal:

What I want to do is get feedback and develop a template/checklist to follow to make sure no important information is left out of a server config.

So far I have these categories some of which are not written on the above page yet:



  • Downloading and Installing the software
  • Config file locations
  • Configuring the software
  • Example config files
  • Application locations
  • Checking version numbers
  • Log file locations
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    Drupal and the crashing server

    Hi all,

    I have a problem. Yesterday a very large influx of visitors to our site brought down our server! :( After some investigation we noticed that we had about 10K visitors in a 9min span before our server went down. We were told by our tech support that our server requires more memory (currently at 2GB) and to reduce the phpMemory limit (currently at 128MB) as well the the number of maximum Clients served.

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