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Hi guys, so my plan is to setup a website for my condo association. I like the way this distribution looks and is setup that is why I picked it.

I am looking to do the following, and would appreciate some guidance if it's even possible to do what I want to do.

If you look at my site as it is currently setup:

You will see that I have some basic information on it and have been using the calendar, and announcements, etc.

Basically I would like to have a few user accounts that can edit content across the site.

I need homeowners who have accounts to be able to see a block/announcement inside the homeowners section that would link to documents and files that we don't want the public to access. I want non-registered users to be able to see everything else except the protected files.

I would also like to have a section inside "homeowner" that would be a contact form where they could email our on-site management representative directly. Again, this form would only be visible to logged-in users.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your help. I have looked at some documentation but I am having trouble applying it to the site.



Hi Jeff, The site looks great

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Hi Jeff,

The site looks great so far. Julio was built under the premise that all content on the site would be public facing and publicly available.

Drupal is certainly flexible enough to accomplish what you want. However, this is not in the planned goals for Julio as.

That said, I would suggest looking into creating your private sections as a new content group type and then using something like og_access to lock it down.

Your question though is really outside the scope of our intended use case for Julio so you may want to follow up in the the standard drupal support channels.

Thanks for your

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Thanks for your response.



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