Montreal's Second DrupalCamp

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2009-10-17 09:00 - 2009-10-18 18:00 America/Montreal
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

UPDATE: Sign-ups here have been closed since the event's website is now ready to accept registrations. We'll try to make sure that everybody who pre-registered will be added to the new Montreal Drupal Camp site.

I'm happy to say that after a lot of hard work by the good folks over at McGill University we've finally nailed down the dates and venue for the second Montreal DrupalCamp. It'll all go down on Saturday and Sunday, October 17th and 18th at McGill's music building (addresses and details to come). You are encourage to sign up now (using the link below)!

Despite being a little disappointed at having to abandon the "one weekday + one weekend day" format, it just isn't that easy to find an appropriate sized/priced venue at such a late date, and I am very appreciative for the enthusiasm, dedication and welcome that our hosts-to-be have already demonstrated.

So now that we have the venue and dates set, we need to get the rest organised. This means developing a program, working on a website, securing sponsorships, catering, etc. etc.. While I be providing more details/guidance soon with respect to how you can contribute to this effort, in the meantime please consider coming to the September Drupal Meetup and Drupal Camp Planning session.

Anyway, I'm busy getting ready to leave for DrupalCon Paris so I'll leave it at that for now. Stay tuned for more details to come soon!


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It'll be great to share and learn new things at Drupal Camp! Can't wait to hang out with everyone.



Shane Bill
Web Developer

Shane Bill
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Can't wait...

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This is good news for me - I hope. :-) I'm working on my very first Drupal website. So not much under my belt, yet. So I'm wondering if this event is for experts & gurus only? Or if there will be some formal opportunities or workshops (maybe workout is a better word) to get up to speed ? I'd love to see something in the program that would, in essence, pair-up beginners & experts in fun, challenging and friendly competition.

Bla, bla, bla, whatever... (translation: là où il y a une volonté, il y a un chemin - Lao-Tseu)


Being. Knowing. Sharing. Ip Man

Open to all!

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Hi, Renaud. The event is intended to be open to everyone interested in Drupal, regardless of their level of experience. There will be some presentations and workshops aimed at beginners, and others for people with expertise in some area of Drupal. If you're able to attend the planning session on 16 September you can give us feedback about what specifically you would like to learn from this event (or if not, just leave a comment here).

About Drupal Camp planning

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Thanks mvc. I should be able to attend the planning session tonight. As for what I'd like to learn more about, 2 subjects immediately come to mind :

  1. Figuring out the best path to multilingual sites. This is a big issue for me. I feel like I'm walking into a minefield with hundreds of black boxes everywhere. This could make great artwork for a new Pink Floyd album! ;-)

  2. Figuring out the best path for managing multiple sites (i.e. multi-site approach or multi-installation approach). I'm currently favoring the single installation/multi-site approach (<10 sites for now). But i'd love to be more confident about this choice.

So, tonight then,


Being. Knowing. Sharing. Ip Man

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Making plans for a number of us to attend... Please post more details after the Sep16th meeting, to help our planning/scheduling!


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Sorry for being so quiet. On the one hand, I was away for a while and then just trying to get back up to speed with all the usual work related stuff. On the other hand, I wanted to get more feedback from others tonight w.r.t. how we want to organise this camp.

Anyway, more news soon... I promise!


P.S. With almost no promo at all we are already at 32 people and the capacity is limited to 150... so don't wait too long to signup your troupe.

Planing/Organizing Drupal Camp

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Thanks all for coming at yesterday's meetup to organize the DrupalCamp. I was glad to see so many people.

I did some research to find resources about organizing DrupalCamps. Hopefully this will give us some ideas for our DrupalCamp.

Here is what I found:

I liked the idea of frequent online meetups to organize the DrupalCamp. At the end of the Sept 16th meetup we talked about getting together again in 2 weeks. I wouldn't mind earlier than that, but online, irc or skype or something. Maybe next week?

I would like to contribute and help and volunteer for a task but I fear that I will not have enough time or that I will fail. Well, maybe I just have to accept the fact that "failure is an option" and also ask for others to help me with whatever I want to do.

It would help me if we can have some kind of lists of tasks that needs volunteers. Maybe on the wiki page that we talked about?


-- Christian


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Miriam Martz

Thanks for all the notes

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Thanks for all the notes Christian! I hope I got them all up on the wiki.

I started a section about volunteer tasks and was planning to start calling people next week to see who's interested in what. Do you see stuff that I missed?

Miriam Martz

Video, WIFI and Whatnot

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Jo-Ann here at McGill I have some answers to a few questions from last night:

We can give every attendee guest access to the private McGill WIFI network (which can easily support 150 odd users.) We'll need to provide each attendee with credentials as they come in the door, but they'll be pre-generated. An application has gone in already for 150 accounts. More can be requested later if necessary.

Drupal Camp takes place on home coming weekend so McGill's video team is tied up. They will, however, provide us with a decent camera and tripod free of charge. We just need someone to point and shoot.

She has also started researching possible sponsors for coffee, biscuits and what not.

More soon.


Accomodations Near McGill

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There are quite a few Drupalers planning to come to the camp from Boston (and last time there were quite a few from Ottawa).
Does anyone have suggestions for cheap places to stay in the downtown area?

Indeed, we have a good handful likely coming

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We will definitely have 5-6, maybe even more coming in our own caravan from the NH/Mass area.
It would definitely be nice to get a short list of decent accommodations in the area, hopefully within walking distance to the university.

Will look forward to info as it comes along!
Omar, we met in Paris, look forward to chatting with you again, and hopefully helping in some way to make sure the 2nd Montreal Drupalcamp is a big success!!


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I have stayed here before. It is 23min (walking) from the center of McGill and on the corner of St. Catherine's.

The accommodations were fine and the price reasonable.

Michelle Lauer

The university has a list of

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The university has a list of recommended hotels that are close by. Not sure what the pricing's like. You can find it here:

Podcamp Montreal

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As I'm certain most of you are interested in new media, there's going to be a free unconference hosted by Podcamp Montreal on September 19th and 20th with a kick-off party tonight at La Quincaillerie (980 Rachel Street E). All the information as well as registration is available through their website at . More than anything, besides being potentially fun, this might give us some perspective/ideas on how drupal camp could be run this year.

DBN video shooting for the main room

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As a sponsorship, agreed to film the main sessions with professional equipments for two days. :-)

You should make sure you post

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You should make sure you post about this in the Drupal Education group as I'm sure there would be members of that community interesting in attending.


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