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I have installed openpublic on my hosted site and I am having fun playing around it the website. I have had a couple of issues.
1. During install - I had to add a php.ini file to my godaddy hosting to allow for more memory. Not difficult task... just bump up the memory to 128mb. php_value memory_limit 128M
2. I had a colorbox fix. I just down loaded the file and ran a status report and it fixed it.
3. I had a twitter feed error and I just googled the error and replaced the file with the maintainers file and it fixed the problem.
All in all it looks good...however

Now I have a problem with the navigation links. The primary navigation bar will not change. I have checked the permissions..not the problem, I have disabled front page luck... Does anyone know if this is a problem or if a fix it out there.




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I found the problem when I noticed the site was not caching. I went to performance and cleared the cache and received the white screen (not of death). Most of the heavy memory problems are noticed with a white screen or a fatal error in memory issue.
I moved to memory up to ini_set('memory_limit', '-1'); from 128 and the website now runs the updates and shows all my changes. I think people have to understand when you get OpenPublic out of the box you will need to make sure some of your settings are ready for this robust website, apps, and modules!