Regular events

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Are there any regular drupal london events/pub trips? If not, there should be!



There used to be a tech meet

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There used to be a tech meet in Tottenham Court Road every now and then... Hasn't happened for ages though, no idea who organised it either...



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There are drupal talks now and again normally organised by Robert Castello (see

It would be great to have an informal pub meet up once a month or so. If I were to get the ball rolling with something on, would many people be interested?


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Sounds good to me!

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I'm not based in London all the time but would come in for a meet up.

AIM: jim (at)
Twitter: @jim0203

I agree, how about we get

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I agree, how about we get something going on and see how many signups we get- even three or four of us would be good for a first time down the pub, and just see how it goes and if we can build any momentum. Maybe organise something for a couple of weeks away, and cross post it on and #drupal?

sounds good

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there's definately room for both the formal organised events and a beverage-based one. certainly in my diary there is.

I'd be interested

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I've been in London for 2 years now and haven't really done anything Drupal-related here, so it'd be great to have a pub meet I could go along to once in a while.

I'll throw my hat into the ring...

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A regular informal meet up would be great, somewhere that can handle a few geeks breaking out the odd laptop once in a while :) But as long as they serve a good pint anywhere will do! :)


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No time like the present to get these things done.

The meetup is scheduled for Monday 27th of September, how about we try and make it a regular thing for the last monday of every month?

I'll spread the word on and twitter over the weekend.

There is an arbitrary limit of 20 people for the meetup, more are a welcome but we might have to look at getting a function room or something.

Will be great to meet some of the other developers out there in London.


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Can I suggest something? At

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Can I suggest something? At techmeetup in Edinburgh, there is usually a table with a few laptops on it that people can show off their stuff. This works REALLY well. Square Pig is downstairs, so I don't know if we'd get any wifi/3g down there, but it might be worth a shot. Bring the netbook, leave the powermac at home ;-)

I go to a monthly scrum meet

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I go to a monthly scrum meet up at the basement bar of the square pig in holborn. The room is free. We could get that as a function room if we liked

Full Fat Things ( ), my Drupal consultancy that makes sites fast.


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What Scrum meeting is that?

I'd be interested in going if it's an open group.

Full Fat Things ( ), my Drupal consultancy that makes sites fast.

great suggestion, I had a

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great suggestion, I had a good couple of pints in square pig and they do some alright food too. I've booked out the function room for the meetup so we now have space for 40 so people (so far there are 17 attendings and 5 maybes).

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Neil! What a great response!

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Neil! What a great response! It's full up! I can't quite believe how a single one line post on the intraweb has resulted in a full turn out- and I didn't even have to do anything! Well done! Looking forward to buying you a beer next week!


if you are looking for a venue...

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we'd be happy to make our boardroom available.

we are in holborn.

take look at our drupal site.

cheers, mark.

Thanks & well done!

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Thanks to everyone who came down last night. What a great event. Thanks also to Neil for sorting it all out, well done! :-)

Looking forward to the next one, see you all then.


some pics here

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It was my pleasure to organise, good to see so many people come down and find it useful and fun. You can see some pics here:

Will organise October's meetup today. Stay tuned to for more info

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