Drupal Camp Delhi 2012 [08-09 Dec] -- Updates

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Thread for keeping all you folks on the Indian Drupal community updated on the developments at the upcoming Drupal Camp Delhi 2012 on 08 Dec at JNU Convention Centre, JNU, Munirka, New Delhi. We realized that our website (www.drupalcampdelhi.in) is not saying enough -- and that this group maybe the best method for you all to stay connected with us Dilli-walas and our hard work.

Developments so far:

a) We have about 15 paper submissions from around the country: http://drupalcampdelhi.in/program/sessions/proposed

b) The venue has been booked. A brand new "Convention Centre" was inaugurated at JNU earlier this year.
-- One (1) 300 people seater Auditorium (for training students on Drupal; also for ASP/PHP devs)
-- Two (2) Lecture Halls of 100 seats each (for paper presentations)
-- One (1) Committee Room (for breakout sessions/discussions)

c) The rough sketch of the training deliverables has been agreed upon; and the volunteer trainers are ready

d) We have planned for a day-long Hackathon for contributions to D8 (This should make Shyamala happy: http://groups.drupal.org/node/264153; and we hope she can be around as a facilitator available on 09 Dec)

e) We have prepared a list of nearly 75 Drupal and PHP companies around Delhi NCR (from Monster, Naukri and LinkedIn; thanks to the HR intern at @srijan), who we would be inviting for the Drupal trainings and sessions. Our goal is to get a footfall of 200+ professionals, and about 100+ students. (we could do with whatever help anyone here on the groups could provide in this regard)

Major to-dos for this / early next week:

a) Finalize sponsorships document/proposal

b) Finalize invite letters and send out invites to PHP/Drupal development companies around Delhi NCR

c) Identify all channels : https://docs.google.com/a/srijan.in/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnkoXIf93trDdER... (please help populate this) and invite developers

d) Get Drupalers (who are attending) across India to register on www.drupalcampdelhi.in AND signup for the event on Meetup at: http://www.meetup.com/Drupal-India/events/90225282/


a) we are very short on volunteers; just a handful of people are doing all the work (and it's stretching some of us badly); a couple of folks have joined in recently, and that should begin to help out; need many more volunteers for taking ownership and responsibility of different teams

Stay tuned for further developments on this discussion thread. And keep pepping us up; we need loads of encouragement and confirmation that you are all coming over.

Drupalcamps like this one, and the one coming up in Mumbai, will help us lead to a -- Drupalcon India 2014 (ahem!!). :)



Thanks Rahul for posting this

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Thanks Rahul for posting this information.

Pics of the venue for DCD '12

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The pics for the venue of Drupal Camp Delhi '12 are posted at: http://www.facebook.com/DrupalCampDelhi

Looking forward for all of you Drupalers on being there!!



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