Dinner plans

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As the city seems to be in a lockdown, shouldn't we arrange some bookings for dinners beforhand? Anyone wants to join for a dinner booking on 22nd (Thursday) and 23rd (Friday) ? Saturday is arranged by the organizers.


Good idea

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I arrive on Thursday early evening and meeting up for a pre-dcnw12 meal is a great idea.
Count me in :)

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Dinner Plans

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Count me in for Friday. But I know exactly nil about Manchester, so can't really contribute to the planning.

I suggest that we should meet

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I suggest that we should meet tomorrow at 18.30 at steak house:

BlackHouse - Grill on the alley


We could meet in front of the restaurant. If we decide to stay there, we will be inside and leave word at the concierge of "Drupal Group" for those coming later.


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is this still a goer?

we meet at Albert Square

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we meet at Albert Square tonight at 19.00 at the Christmas market

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