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Hi all..

I am getting issue with the colorbox popup in my android mobile. I am using colorbox-node class to open a link. After clicking, a white screen popups with out any content and also the width and height of popup is not correct. If am clicking on that white popup, my content is displayed with the correct width and height. And if am giving small height, am not getting scroll also. Really need a help :( Thanks in advance

In Iphone, everything works fine...


Assuming android and iphone

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Assuming android and iphone both are using same theme layout & If everything looks fine in iphone, it might be a android - browser specific issue.

You can try the browser class module It will add a OS + browser class on the body tag of HTML, that way maybe you can try some device specific CSS.

Let me know how it goes.


Android + Colorbox

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I have used Colorbox outside of Drupal and seen similar behavior when loading an iframe e.g., the popup not being sized correctly or loading any content. This was using the default browser on Android 2.3.4 .

I think it relates to colorbox not having mobile support.

But Colorbox examples

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But Colorbox examples (provided by the colorbox site) r working fine in android. Is there any solution for this? :(

Android browser not support <iframe tag>

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The color box module loads the node or image with the help of


iframe> tag. But in Android browsers not support the


iframe> tag. That's y u didn't get the scroll bars.