December Jax Drupal Meetup (#10)

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2012-12-18 18:00 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

For December we'll have another social event as we did for November. Come prepared to talk about any problems you are having or modules you really have been enjoying recently.

We do need a venue. We could use Alot Hotel again like last month if that worked out well or I'm open to other suggestions as well.

In addition I do want to get a speaker/topic scheduled for January. See our topics schedule for ideas:


So I'm thinking of doing a

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So I'm thinking of doing a beginner's forum during the meeting. Any beginners or questions about a site architecture or ho to go about building something. This will give something for everybody to find useful.

Kevin Basarab | Mediacurrent


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That's a great idea, Kevin. But then we also need to make sure beginners do attend. So let's have an outreach effort to get people who may not know a lot about Drapal, but may benefit from it.

Any ideas how to go about it?

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!

I'm planning on adding this

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I'm planning on adding this information about the beginner side to the meetup Group. Other than that probably just promoting more on the social networks. Possibly making a post in LinkedIn's Drupal group. Haven't used LinkedIn for that before but might be worth a shot, seems to be pretty active discussion there.

Kevin Basarab | Mediacurrent

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For one of the future meetups, if there is enough interest, I can show how to setup a "high performance" development environment from scratch. This might be of interest not only to beginners, but also advanced folks. That's because I'm talking about somewhat of an alternative approach to Drupal development environment.

  1. Web server: Nginx instead of Apache
  2. Database server: MariaDB instead of MySQL
  3. IDE - either Eclipse or NetBeans
  4. Database client - HeidiSQL instead of MySQL-Admin
  5. Command shell - Git Bash instead of Putty, because you need to SSH, but you also need to work locally.
  6. Settings up XDebug for interactive debugging
  7. Using SSH tunnel for remote database session as well as PHP debugging session
  8. ... and more ...

Please post comments here if anyone is interested, or wants more stuff covered.

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!

Jitesh, I would love this!!

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Jitesh, I would love this!! Any chance for remote participation? Also, could you recommend some links or other resources on how to set it?permissions for multiple users on an Ubuntu server for git? I can't seem to find anything that is step by step or works.


remote participation

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I certainly don't have any problem with people joining remotely. But the only issue is that in the past whenever we tried to do remote screen sharing, it hasn't really worked very well. Google Hangouts are okay, but not great for screen sharing.

But assuming someone can help me out with getting the screensharing right, I'm game.

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!

You might want to check out for screen sharing

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I copied the below text from free offers the following:

internet calling
screen sharing
250 viewers
share control
send files
viewer: iPad/iPhone or Android

Granted, you would have to use google hang out for the audio and for the screen sharing. There is free internet calling with free, but I've not used it so I don't know the limitations.

Other limitation - each presenter would have to install the software on their computer. Each viewer can just run off IE / Chrome/ Firefox without downloading any software.

Each time your presenter changed, the new present would get a new session number. That session number would then be given to all remote participants.

Granted, not the best solution - but it is a free solution that works.

In the past when we have

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In the past when we have formal presentations we broadcast them live via Google Hangout and then have the recording from that to use as a recording. Has worked out pretty well in previous events so that's certainly something we can do for the Drupal Dev Environment presentation.

Jitesh - Does January sound good for you on that? I'll copy the description to the schedule node and we can go from there. Sounds like this would be a great one to start of 2013 with.

Kevin Basarab | Mediacurrent

January is fine.

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January is fine.

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!

Just an update for this

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Just an update for this everyone. For December (tonight - Dec. 18) we will meet at WYXZ Bar at Aloft Hotel again as we did last month. For January we are looking at a location in the Southpoint area and will get back on a schedule of presentations starting with Jitesh speaking on building a Drupal dev environment.

There is a chance I won't be able to make it tonight but others from the group will be there so please fill me in on how it goes here on g.d.o or the Meetup group.

Kevin Basarab | Mediacurrent

we're meeting at 6pm (not 7)

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Hey Drupalers,

Just wanted to remind y'all that the meetup starting time is 6pm (not 7). Sometimes there is confusion about that.

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!

meetup report

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Hi all,

Since Kevin was unable to attend, just thought I'd write up a summary report on this meetup. Sorry for the delay, but better late than never :-)


  • Jitesh Doshi
  • Jae Gravely
  • Brad Wallace
  • Jyoti Chawla
  • Erik Hendrick
  • Cash ?lastname?
  • Priya Ganesan
  • Marcus Toms

This was a more informal holiday get-together, so we didn't have a set agenda. But there were a few people who were new to Drupal, so the conversation turned towards getting started with Drupal. I ended up showing Jae and Jyoti how to setup Drupal from scratch. Jyoti was able to download a VirtualBox image that got him running Drupal out-of-the-box on his laptop, but then had some trouble configuring networking to be able to remote into his virual machine. I wasn't able to figure it out at the moment, but now I know what the problem was (his VM needed an extra virtual network interface).

Additionally, Erik had some questions regarding how to approach a project that he is starting. His questions were around how to show listing of nodes and link them to their detail views, and in the detail view how to display multiple images as a gallery or a slideshow. I showed him how to achieve that using simple manage display, colorbox and imagecache. Also pointed him towards Display Suite module which gives a lot of control over how nodes are displayed, without having to write any code or templates.

Overall, there was a lot of excited discussions about what everyone is using Drupal for, and what they want to learn further. 2013 is going to see a lot of Drupal activity in Jacksonville and nearby.

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!


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