google blockly integration for wysiwyg

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Hi guys,

Created a google blockly integration for wysiwyg... its rough and probably not production ready, but its open sourced anyway...

Feedback highly welcome!



Could not get it to work...

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Seems to not work for me.

Added the field 'program'
I've tried creating the field type as long text and long text-summary.
My only choice of widget is each case is same.

Set text format to 'program'.

When I create a node ans try to edit it in admin, I get no blocky UI.

I don't see any 404's in Firebug.



Hi James

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Hi James,

This is not a widget, it is using the normal text editor but replacing it via the Wysiwyg module. The widget for the field should be Text area (multiple rows).

The instructions at are fairly comprehensive if you have created a Wysiwyg profile for a text format before, however with the additional files in my git repo you will be able to assign a different Wysiwyg editor to your text format. Then, when you create a piece of content, select (or set it as default in the Content Type) the format that the Blockly Wysiwyg editor is associated with and Blockly should load onto the screen. I have it as default so that the field automatically loads using the blockly ui.


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