Otto - Drupal Distribution for Managing Coworking Spaces

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This wiki page is for discussing and finalizing requirements documents for Otto, a general Drupal distribution for the management of coworking spaces.

Table of Contents

Collaborating with this Wiki ^

Add your "must haves" and "nice to haves" below, discuss them in the comments and feel free to cross-post this wiki to your local groups if it's relevant for your community!

Please edit and update this page but try not to remove any entries (unless there's agreement in the comments below or you added them in the first place).

List of Features ^

  • "About" Pages
    • Contact Information
    • Services
    • Pricing
    • Location
    • Testimonials
    • Hours of Operation
    • Etc.
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Event Calendar
  • Weblog
  • Social Media Integration
    • Facebook "Likes" and comments
    • Twitter feed
    • Etc.
  • Resource Manager
    • Inventory system
    • Space booking (conference rooms, etc.)
    • Book lending library
    • Etc.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contests
  • Member Directory
  • Payment Integration
    • Event Registration
    • Donations via Flatter, PayPal, Gittip, Dwolla, etc.
    • Recurring Memberships
    • Etc.
  • Behavioral Rewards Points System
    • Time Banking Integration
    • Bounties and Reverse Bounties
    • Kudos or "Buy me a beer"
    • Etc.
  • Other Third-Party Integration
    • Etc.
  • Mobile App Integration

Development Roadmap ^

This development roadmap is being iterated as our team of developers and project leads is being formed, features are decided upon, etc.

  1. bug fix sprint
    • Simplify and generalize code
    • Update modules
    • Remove current features
  2. Create installation profile with Profiler
  3. Push to
  4. Create alpha release at
  5. Create new features (based on List of Features)
  6. Create Otto demo module
  7. Create beta release at
  8. Otto and development paths officially converge
    • Discontinue development
    • Deploy Otto beta release to for ongoing testing and feature development
  9. ???

Examples of Websites ^

The following websites and tools are examples of what can be borrowed and learned from over the course of this project.


Expected release of Otto

mhamm2000's picture

Is there an anticipated release date for Otto? I'm working with a coworking space in San Diego, and we are looking for a back-end replacement for COBOT.

Thanks for asking! We haven't

christefano's picture

Thanks for asking! We haven't set a release schedule for Otto but a sprint is planned for this Saturday, March 9th:

Do you think you can make it? Otto is based on the website and the sprint is taking place at... you guessed it: Droplabs.

This is very much a volunteer-led open source project and your participation can help us with any or all aspects of the project and get it out the door sooner.

Release date for Otto

mhamm2000's picture

Thanks for the update. I'm not a programmer or a user, so I wouldn't be much help. But, I'm working with a group of users that might be able to add input for functionality. I'll forward to them for input.

So happy that you all are working on this sorely-needed project!

The rough outlines of Otto's

christefano's picture

The rough outlines of Otto's development roadmap have been published:

Hi all--- just wanted to

markwk's picture

Hi all--- just wanted to chime in on this issue. I was thinking about creating a drupal distribution for managing co-working space. I actually got some somewhat related code using Drupal Commerce and Recurring Payment framework and a modified version of Stripe Module. Have you guys started any of the dev for this yet? I might be able to contribute some code and ideas?


Thanks, Mark! This hasn't

christefano's picture

Thanks, Mark! This hasn't been built yet and I'd love to hear what you did. I'll send you an email.

mhamm2000's picture

We're very interested in using Otto for our coworking space. We are heavy COBOT users with good input, and our San Diego coworking community consists of several developers. We are looking for an alternative to COBOT and would love to chat about the future of Otto and how we might be able to help in its development.

Is there a direct way to contact you ... phone or email? My email is Thank you!