We're approved! YAY! Would anybody like to be co-organizer of the group?

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Hi! I just got word that we're finally approved, so we will be visible on gdo and people can sign up without having to go through our link/url.

I'd like to invite a few more people on board to run the group, so if you want to step up as an organizer, it's really sweet if you can say a few words here below. Cheers!



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Is it possible to start co-organize this group from end of Feb(due to holiday travel)?
And try for a month and see if I can commit?

I learned my lesson on doing so many things and comittment...sometimes I had burden, pressure or guilty feelings.

Want to start with light heart first and see if this is right and light feeling! :)))

When I start in Feb, I could put energy and time on making website for connecting and organizing.

For now, I can start active discussions and brainstorming though.

I have one question
What is expected to be a co-organizer of drupal group?
I never become one and don't know what is different and expectations are?

Drupal Beijing China Group organizer was also offered me to become co-organizer but I was organizing meetup fine without getting the title or becoming co-organizer.
So I am just wondering what's the difference?

I never fully use O.G. function on drupal site building...

Anyway~~ :))
I'm excited to connect!!

My gift is connecting people! ;)

Please get more involved when you can!

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Hi Jiyoung!

Thank you for all those kind comments. It will be a real pleasure to have you take part. For now, the best way to help is to invite people that also like to travel/host or come with the gift of connecting.

After we have a few people on board we could do an IRC meeting.

Volunteering in the right way should give you more energy and not more frustrations. I hope that we all share our passion and do what is needed here.

I'll check with experienced moderators on what's expected, though I think it's up to us to define roles and responsibilities.

In any case, it's really nice that you're involved! :)

Welcome Jiyoung and

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Welcome Jiyoung and Christefano as group organizers!

Thanks, svenryen! I just

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Thanks, svenryen!

I just created new Members and Search pages for the group:


Hopefully these will be more and more helpful as more members join and posts are created.

:) Thank you~

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Hospitality Network~~
Will start invite from next week!