Undefined index: julio-admin-content-list-block-1

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Hi folks,

Is anyone else seeing this?

When I go to the admin dashboard on my sites I see this error:

Notice: Undefined index: julio-admin-content-list-block-1 in dashboard_page_build() (line 192 of /usr/local/apache2_php_drupal/htdocs/julio/modules/dashboard/dashboard.module).

But nothing appears to be broken.

As always, I assume that this sort of error is caused by something I've done ;-) but I was surprised to see pretty much the same error message when I use the admin dashboard in the demo software at the http://julio.funnymonkey.com site.


The error message is the same but the hyphens are replaced with underscores:

Notice: Undefined index: julio_admin_content_list-block_1 in ... 

I'd value any thoughts anyone has.




Yeah, unfortunately deciding

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Yeah, unfortunately deciding to use core Drupal's dashboard functionality is probably the single decision I regret the most. There is a ticket to depreciate it in the julio issue queue http://drupal.org/node/1872486 I took a brief look at this a while back and it became obvious that discontinuing the use of dashboard was the best solution. Sorry for the awful user experience you can adjust your site's error reporting until a fix is in place or learn to overlook those errors.

Non, je ne regrette rien

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Understood, and thanks for the reply.

I didn't know you could modify Drupal's error logging.

In case anyone else finds this thread via a search, I was able to remove these pesky notices form the Admin Dashboard here:


In the "Error messages to display" section I chose "Errors and warnings" instead of "All Messages".




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