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Dear All,
I have been working in Drupal for the past many months and i am very much fascinated about it.Thanks to large community of Drupal
I am a post graduate student and i have to do a final project as a degree requirement, i have several option for doing my project,
But since my interest lies in Drupal and SEO and open source so i wanted to do something in this field only. My project will continue for 2 semester so i want to do something challenging and doable.
I'll be highly greatfull if u could suggest me any project which i can do on top of drupal or somethng related to Drupal and SEO.



Drupal SEO project idea

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Hi Sanjay,
Sounds like an exciting time for you!
I hope we Drupallers can help you with a couple of ideas.

the first thing that comes to mind is this:

Food Recipe SEO for Food related sites 'the Drupal way'
There currently is no flexible solution for Drupal sites that want to get their Food Recipes into search engines as rich snippet.
There is a Recipe module, but it is built for a very narrow set of usecases.
There is a need for a more flexible solution applying 'latest' Drupal techniques like Features, Fields, Microdata module and Entity (reference) and such. (and Search API for search within Drupal)

I've written a blogpost about that ages ago:
Some of it is outdated, some of it still pretty current - the key is: Food Recipes should be setup as flexible Features and should still be able to deliver great SEO metadata results.

Most setups will probably require a 'ingredient' content type and a 'recipe' content type that entity reference each other. Combining that with the amount of 'ingredient' someone needs for a food recipe and putting that into rich recipe snippet information for search engines can be a neat SEO challenge.


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hi s1l,
Thanks for sharing you knowledgeand i am looking into it,i was also adviced to look into xml sitemap issue and i am going through it.i would be glad if you could share some more ideas or issues to be resolved.
Thanks a ton.!

the Microdata project

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Hi Sanjay,

For Recipe SEO (and other interesting Microdata based SEO issues) have a look at this project:
and this page basically lists a 'todo' list that basically 'search engine optimizes' the big Drupal contrib modules: http://drupal.org/node/1196440
They seem interesting issues to solve as they help a wide range of Drupal SEO cases.

For Food Recipes these are probably most important: Fivestar, Field Collection module and Entity reference module.
(in the case where one wants to have both Recipe and ingredients as separate content types)