Is "Visualization" the best name for this group?

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As per the ongoing discussion in our issue, silverwing thought the group name "Data Visualization" might be more descriptive than simply "Visualization".

Other possibilities -- DataViz, Viz, InfoViz... Others?

What's everyone think? Is "Visualization" the best name for this group?


I prefer long and clear

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I prefer long and clear names, so +1 for "Data Visualization"
The other names you suggested do not look like a proper name for a generic group like this.

+1 for Data Visualization

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+1 for Data Visualization

Visualization caught my

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Visualization caught my attention enough to join, but I agree 'Data Visualization' would be more clear.

Aendrew has pulled away from

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Aendrew has pulled away from Drupal for JS for the time being, and I asked to be added as a group maintainer. The first thing I did was change the name to Data Visualization, which is the term I first looked for when I was looking for a dataviz group. ;-)

If you have suggestions for the group, or ideas, please post them!

I will be posting our notes from the D3.js BOF shortly, which I believe was the only non-mapping session at DrupalConLA that addressed DataViz! (please correct me if I'm wrong and I'll watch the sessions!)