Any module to just grant 'Manage display' Field UI access to themers?

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Hi all.

I have the sandbox module Manage Displays with this summary:

Provides a 'Manage display' item under Administration->Structure menu.
From there you can configure the display modes for all content types, if you have the right permissions.
This way, you don't need to give Field UI access just to manage display modes.
Useful if you want to let themers configure display modes without allowing access to other field configurations.

Since it works fine for me, I've posted on d.o, but before considering promotion to full project I would like if there is already any module that does this.
I've looked at Display Suite (event posted a support request at and Entity View Modes but they seem not able to do it.
Any way with those or other modules to achieve this?
Not to mention that, if you find my sandbox module useful, suggestions and feedback would be much appreciated.


Similar module

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Thanks to swentel for pointing to Field UI permissions on IRC.