Adelaide Tech meet, 28th February

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2013-02-28 18:00 - 22:00 Australia/Adelaide
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So thats Thursday the 28th February, talks start at 6:00pm.
After the meet, we will head out for some food'n'drink and more discussion.

This month we will meet at FabLab;

Fab Lab Adelaide Board Room
Second Floor,
Adelaide College of the Arts,
39 Light Square,
Adelaide, 5000.


This meetings talks;

  • Simon; Drupal/PHP based ICAP Web proxy filter
  • Brett; Arduino and NetBSD
  • TechMeet; meeting format and content discussion
  • Catch up for those of us planning an LCA bid

Looking for additional speakers, lightning style talks 5-10 minutes =)
If you have something cool you are working on, we'd love to see it.


Missed it

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Totally missed this in all the noise - otherwise I would have been there, never managed to get to a meetup before. Can someone bump the events in irc or the mailing list the day before?

Next month

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Same time, Same place, new topics ;)

So by IRC you mean #drupal-au on


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That's the one!

But damn ... Thursday nights ... worst night of the week for travel >.<

Why travel?

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Why is Thursday night the worst for travel?

Ideally I'd stay overnight -

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Ideally I'd stay overnight - but I have to be home for 8am on Friday mornings, which precludes overnight stay.

But nothing stopping me leaving straight after the meetup. Travel time is the main reason I haven't gone to any meetups to date.


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