Twig Sprint, as part of the Drupal Sprint Weekend

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2013-03-09 10:00 - 2013-03-10 19:00 America/Los_Angeles
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There will be a sprint on the new theme system in Drupal 8. We have a lot of core patches that need to be reviewed and rerolled, and we could use all the help we can get!

Check out this awesome page Joel made for how to prepare and what do do day-of:

meet up in person

Southern CA (Sat, March 9th only) w/ steveoliver
Location still TBD!
If anyone has any office space in North County San Diego to share, that would be great!
please contact steveoliver

Southern CA Remote meeting point (Sat, March 9th only)
Droplabs Los Angeles
651 Clover St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Southern CA (Sat, March 9th only) w/ steveoliver
Location still TBD!
If anyone has any office space in North County San Diego to share, that would be great!
please contact steveoliver

Vancouver, Canada (Sat, March 9th only) w/ joelpittet
The Jibe
Suite 202 - 311 Water St, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, Canada V6B 1B8

Northern CA (Sun, March 10th only) w/ jenlampton
Pantheon Systems
717 California St - 3rd floor
San Francisco, CA, 94108

Northern CA Remote meeting point (Sat & Sun)
Hacker Lab
1715 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

meet up online

If you are in the Pacific timezone (or nearby) feel free to join us on IRC or google hangouts!
IRC: #drupal-twig
google hangout(s): (check back day-of)


Berkeley Co-working, office space

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I came across this space this weekend. FYI..

poking around led to a list of coworking spaces...

Acinolak Netsequem
Elephant Eater

Droplabs is available

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Droplabs, although in Los Angeles and not in San Diego, is available as a venue:

Please consider cross-posting this to the Downtown Los Angeles Drupal group:


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Hi Jen,

We are already on the schedule for DSW in Sacramento and already have a space (HackerLab) if you want to come up and join us. I'd be happy to put the focus on Twig!


Thank you @acinolak, I have

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Thank you @acinolak, I have contacted some of the coworking spaces. We'll see what happens :)

@carsonblack & @christefano - yes please :)
It would be great if we could use your gatherings as remote meeting spaces where locals could come, meet one another, and join in with the Twig sprint. Even if Steve & I can't make it to your locations, I bet there will be a bunch of other people who could, and if they are interested we'd love to have them help with Twig, and the rest of the D8 theme layer cleanup!

We can accommodate about

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We can accommodate about 10-12 in Gaslamp San Diego if you guys need a spot south of North County.

Twig Sprint, Gaslamp San Diego Locations

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Yeah, anyone in San Diego (central/south) interested in meeting in person, get in touch with Dustin or SageTree. I'll probably be quarantined at home or in my office in north county, as I've caught a pretty awesome cold. :(

Downtown San Diego Twig Sprint

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A few of us will be sprint on-site at Sage Tree Solutions, 752 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA from 10-3PM on Saturday. Anyone is welcome to join. We have a fairly large conference room and several empty cubicles.

Note: Parking is no longer free at Horton Plaza but there are meters and many of us park at the garage at 6th and Market which offers reasonable day rates.

I have office space in

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I have office space in Berkeley. It's close to Berkeley Bowl west? 10th street or something like that...

Probably can accommodate 4 -5 ppl?


Thanks Shawn!

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I'm looking for space to hold (ideally) 10 - 20 people. We have a few offers of smaller spaces already, so we probably won't need yours.... Unless you can wrangle up a large conference room there? :)

SF Bay Area

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