Drupal 8 sprint on the worldwide Drupal Sprint Weekend in Zurich

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2013-03-09 (All day) - 2013-03-10 (All day) Europe/Zurich
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As part of the global sprint weekend on March 9 and 10 (see http://groups.drupal.org/node/277768), we are planning to do a sprint as well, in the office of MD Systems.

Everyone is invited to show up and participate. There are currently no big plans in regards to organization and sprint leading so it is recommended that you already know a few things, e.g. by participating in the last sprint that we had.

That said, you're also welcome to join if you haven't participated in a sprint before, there will be experienced Drupal 8 contributors that can answer your questions.

The focus of the sprint will be on Drupal 8 core issues.

Please sign up so that we know how many people we can expect.

Please also note what you want to or would like to work on.


We will start at ~10:00 on

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We will start at ~10:00 on saturday morning, don't show up too early because the main door will be closed and I will only show up shortly before 10. Probably the same on sunday.

There will be some food and drinks and we'll probably get a pizza/pasta on saturday for lunch. For sunday, there's a small coop pronto that's open.

Anyone who signed up so far knows our office I think, but it's Hermetschloostrasse 77, 8048 Zürich in case someone forgot :)

Also, if you intend to show up, please add yourself to the linked google spreadsheet so that I know how many people we'll be.

Besides working on some

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Besides working on some leftovers from the last sprint, I attempted to port one of my own contrib modules to Drupal 8: Block Group. Given that the core block system was only ported recently to entities / plugins, I expect that quite some things will still change.

The good thing is that I actually ended up with fewer lines of code. Nevertheless I expect that due to the large changes between D7 and D8, the amount of work for porting modules will be substantial for most projects in contrib. That makes me feel a bit uncomfortable...