Procedure to vouch for small organizations in GSoC 2013

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Hello everyone,

We have been looking for information about the existence of procedures to allow well established organizations (such as Drupal) to vouch for smaller organizations to take part of GSoC 2013 (small orgs need vouching from large orgs to get in).

We would like to support the project Comunes (, a non-profit collective dedicated to facilitating the use of free/libre web tools (e.g.: old Ourproject, Kune, Move Commons and resources to collectives and activists alike, with the hopes of encouraging the Commons.

We have found some information about the procedures for slots, but not for the cases of external support for other projects. We apologize in advance if this is not the proper group to address these issues. We would really appreciate any kind of information on how to proceed.


David Rozas and


CiviCRM is also looking for a

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CiviCRM is also looking for a previous GSoC Mentor Organizations to vouch for it. The process of vouching for another organization is simple for any existing organization that is applying to be part of GSoC again this year. The larger organization simply need to add the smaller organization's name as answer to question #16.

The question of which organizations Drupal should vouch for is really the issue. Any organization that asks? Only organizations that use Drupal? Organizations that support the project's included in Drupal or used by most Drupal users?

This is the case I'd make for Drupal to vouch for CiviCRM:

  • I will be one of the organizational admins for CiviCRM. I've been involved in the Drupal community since Sunnyvale and participated as a mentor on 2 different Drupal project. I was teh "unofficial" Drupal mentor for @balleyne's Creative Commons module project in 2009 (that was officially a Creative Commons project, but Drupal counted it) and @slashrsm on his Drupal 7 Media Derivatives API in 2011.
  • The Drupal Association uses CiviCRM. Anyone who is a member of the Drupal Assocaition or has donated to Drupal has done it through CiviCRM. @drumm added the Security Hardening project to the CiviCRM's team Project Idea Wiki
  • CiviCRM is also the CRM used by many other FLOSS supporting organizations including Creative Commons, Free Software Foundation, Progressive Technology Project, and Electronic Frontier Foundation. By supporting CiviCRM, you are helping all these organizations achieve their missions.
  • Most large organizations that use CiviCRM, pair it with Drupal. This list includes CERN, New York State Senate and International Mountain Biking Association
  • Hundreds of small organizations use the CiviCRM Starter Kit Drupal distribution on Pantheon

Please consider including CiviCRM in the Drupal application.

Also, we are still looking for mentors to help with a CiviCRM/Drupal 8 project if anyone is interested. That could be listed at a project idea with both organizations.