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I have a project that I've used Drupal 7, Ubercart 3 on and has already launched. After launch, client informs me of their specialized search needs for products.

The use case is all results matching a string of 3 or more consecutive characters, including a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers and punctuation ('tet' should return anything with tetanus, rgTet9-66, etc) from sku and title field.

I've got apache solr running on client's dedicated server. I've added the EdgeNGram filter (min=2 max=30) to get results returned for things like 'im-' (sku's that begin with im-) but whole sku's are not being returned. Searches for sku 'im-130c' are not returned in results but 'im-13' are. Searches for 'tet' and 'tetanus' return results as desired, but anti-tetanus returns no results.

This is my first use of solr, so having tried many things on my local install that haven't worked, I'm putting this out there to see if anyone can/would take it onor know of anyone who might. Since the site is already live, there is some urgency.

Contact me for any more details, cost and schedule.




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This was a very time-critical issue and I went ahead and abandoned solr for a views solution.

thanks :)