OpenCivic distribution

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Following on from the meetup, here is some information about OpenCivic, the Drupal distribution being developed for improving civic software development:

Project page:

Drupal group:

Nesta plan to launch an instance of this distro for Europe in the next few months.


Excelelnt information

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hi Paul, thanks for this, undeniably awesome info that not all of us might have dug up!
have asked clients, fellow Drupalers and others on the mainland to join us and perhaps shed some light on... differences between how things get done on the island and on the mainland....

Connecting With Communities

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I like the look of OpenCivic for organising hackathons, focusing developers, and maybe attracting funding. But what about the communities we serve?

Here's a case study from CFA Oakland: It's the kind of thing I'd like to see happening in the UK. But technological solutions have to address issues in wider communities, they don't happen in a vacuum. How can we help Drupal developers connect to their communities?

Looking in both directions

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Things like OpenCivic could help connect more developers through organizing events, etc, but totally agree we need to find ways to improve connections with communities and governments too.

We're looking at various things to help with that:

  • Include features to capture case studies and other material to collate good evidence for others to read.
  • Support problem statement capture and group formation so those who understand the problems can be encouraged to get involved.
  • Develop better research and materials that communicate the benefits of open source, gov as platform, etc (outside the scope of OpenCivic).

Open to all suggestions though :)