Planning for Drupal Everywhere, our full-day "Drupal for Mobile" summit on April 27, 2013

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I have not seen anything about planning for Drupal Everywhere on April 27th. Am I missing it? In any case I have some time this weekend to help out


Thanks for signing up to

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Thanks for signing up to help! Drupal Everywhere is still in the planning stage and we can probably hammer a lot out at tonight's meetup. I'd love to hear what kind of event people would like this year's Drupal Everywhere to be. Will you be at the meetup tonight?

Yes I am coming tonight

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See you there.

Hi everybody, Our goal for

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Hi everybody,

Our goal for Drupal Everywhere, our "Drupal for Mobile" summit on April 27th, is to line up at least 7 presentations so that we have enough content for an 8-hour day (i.e. 7 sessions and 1 hour for lunch).

We've been reaching out to a number of possible presenters for Drupal Everywhere, and so far we have 2 confirmed presenters, which brings us to at least 2 presentations (and possibly more, but that's not confirmed yet — I'm sure presenters will want to attend other sessions, as well!).

Is anyone interested in presenting either here in Los Angeles or via web conference? Does anyone have suggestions or requests for presentations on specific topics? Let us know at organizers [at] drupal [dot] la or here in the comments!

While we can't guarantee that all sessions will be broadcast online, we'll be recording as many presentations as possible for later viewing on our video channel.

Very interested! I just sent

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Very interested! I just sent an email to the address above.


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