Captcha doesnot work with Page cache

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Drupal version: 5.3
Captcha module version: 5.x-3.1

The current version of Captcha doesnot work with Page cache enabled. This could be a big disadvantage in a large site with many pages. To resolve the same and cache the page content we could apply the below patch.

Refer patch at

We could furthur enhance and work towards removing session for anonymous user entirely and cache the captcha along with the page cache, refersh it only when used. Any suggestions.



I totally agree. I have a

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I totally agree. I have a busy site and I absolutely can't use any modules that turn off page caching.

But here's the problem:

If Users A and B load a page at about the same time, they'll both get the same captcha image, right?

So if user A submits the form, what happens to user B? If you already trashed that captcha, then B will get an error message no matter what! (even if they enter the letters correctly).

But if you accept B's submission with the duplicate captcha, then that means a spam bot or some malicious user could also reuse that one solved captcha to submit a form many, many times.

But all is not lost. Here's my idea: I think the right answer is to stop storing user-specific information in the page in the first place! Why do we need that ID number in the <img src="/image_captcha/1029175738"> tag. I suggest just making the request always look like <img src="/image_captcha/get_image"> for everyone and then let the function that creates the image take care of serving a new challenge and storing the answer in the SESSION or its own cookie. Am I missing anything?